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  • Allergy Easer Synergy BlendTM helps control hay fever and other allergic reactions, including skin irritations. It may also relieve symptoms of asthma and over-sensitivity of the nervous system. It can be diffused or diluted and applied to the skin.

  • The ingredients of Allergy Easer are Blue Moroccan Chamomile, Amni Visnaga, Lavender, Palmarosa and Hyssop essential oils.

    Allergy attacks can range from the mildly annoying to the very debilitating. Antihistamine medications often are minimally helpful or create drowsiness. With the time-tested essential oils in Allergy Easer, you can feel confident that your allergies may diminish in a natural, healthy way.

    Moroccan Blue Chamomile is said to have powerful antihistamine effects and may help with hay fever and other allergies. Its anti-inflammatory effects are excellent for calming down skin hives triggered by allergies.

    Amni Visnaga Essential Oil supports normal respiratory function. It is antispasmodic, which means it eases spasms. It is also antihistamine, which means it blocks the allergic response. It’s so effective in treating asthma that scientists actually create a synthesized version of one of Amni Visnaga’s major compounds, which is part of prescription asthma medications.

    Hyssop expels phlegm from the respiratory channels and has a calming effect on the nervous system. Palmarosa strengthens respiratory function. Lavender is calming and helps minimize allergic reactions by providing overall relaxation.

    If you suffer from allergies that can sometimes get in the way of fun activities where allergens are present, or if you avoid going to certain places where you fear the air quality is bad, this potent, blue-colored synergy belongs in your purse or pocket. Enjoy the freedom that comes from having a secret weapon for allergies on hand at all times.

  • Respiratory allergies: Topical Application under nose or inside nostrils (mix up to 6 drops per tablespoon 15ml / 0.5 oz of carrier oil), Steam Inhalation.

    Itchy eyes: Topical Application under eyes.

    Skin irritations: Topical Application on affected area (mix up to 6 drops in a tablespoon 15ml / 0.5 oz. of carrier oil).


    Safety Precautions

    Avoid use if you have epilepsy, hypertension, or are pregnant.


  • Ingredients

    Moroccan Blue Chamomile, Amni Visnaga, Lavender, Rosewood and Hyssop Essential Oils

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      Melissa berkheimer Says: (Posted on 9/3/2016)
      I happened upon this mixture bought it and just used it when I thought about it. Then when I would start getting the pain and pressure in my head with allergies I would apply. And it would go totally away! Then my husband has been every fall starts with clearing his throat would end up in a full blown terrible cold ect and end up on steroids and antibiotics. Well he started it the day we came back from a Florida trip and so I said try this lets just see if it will work. Guess what with in 15 minutes or so it was totally cleared up. Then when we got home ( I am a cancer patient and have 4th stage renal cell carcinoma ) I started getting my chill and cold sweats and other symptoms that I have been getting for the past year and a half and so I tried the allergy eraser. I thought I have nothing to lose. When I get the chills and sweats and other symptoms there is nothing that will help it. Absolutely nothing and no one knew what it was or what was causing it. BUT I TRIED THE ALLERGY ERASER AND IT TOTALLY DISAPPEARED WITHIN 20 -30 MINS! I have been struggling with this for over a year and a half. With no relief. Sometimes they would last for 3 weeks or more. They would just put me down the whole time. It would not have mattered now what the cost was now I know that it will help me with my chills and cold sweats. What a miracle for me. I know it was the LORD that guided me to this, this morning. PRAISE THE LORD and thank you for your product. PLEASE DO NOT EVER GET RID OF IT. I DONT KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO IF THAT WERE TO HAPPEN