Amrita Ball Diffuser

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  • The Amrita Ball plugs into an electrical outlet and gently diffuses aromatherapy essential oils by warming them slightly. After placing 10 drops (maximum) of an essential oil or blend on the stiff rectangular cotton pad, insert the pad into the slot on the ball. After five minutes, your essential oil will diffuse up to three hours in an area up to 500 square feet. The Amrita Ball is an inexpensive, convenient way to diffuse essential oils and is especially useful when traveling. Includes 10 reusable cotton pads. Replacement pads are available.

  • Often the times when we need the stress relieving and immune boosting benefits of inhaling essential oils the most, we are away from home. For times when you’re stuck in traffic with exhaust fumes, or staying in a hotel with windows that don’t open, Amrita offers three convenient alternatives to the nebulizing diffusers.

    • The Dashboard Diffuser plugs into the charging socket inside your car.

    • The Ceramic Angel Car Diffuser simply attaches to the car’s air conditioning/heat vent.

    • The Amrita Ball fits into any standard wall outlet.

    With these low-cost and simple devices there’s never any reason to go without the daily support of aromatherapy.

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