These three new Amrita essential oils are worthy of your special notice! AND through March 31, 2017, take 15% off their price. Use checkout code THREENEW. 

  1. New heavenly French Lavender— USDA-certified organic AND wild-crafted. Dr Streicher writes, “This is the finest Lavender in the world. It can only be described as heavenly. Grown wild in the high regions of Provence, it is very difficult to procure.  After a long search we have located an exquisite oil.” French Lavender is the essential oil that launched modern Aromatherapy. Its elegant fragrance surrounds you with an aroma halo. A few drops on your pillowcase can help you sleep. A drop or two in Jojoba carrier oil can help with rheumatism.  Apply a drop or two directly to a cut, a burn, a bruise, or a bite. While supplies last.  $39.90 Now $33.92 for 10 ml bottle. [EO4117]
  2. USDA-certified organic Myrrh from Somalia—Everyone connects Myrrh to the Bible stories--Myrrh is a marvelous essential oil with a myriad of uses. PubMed cites 423 research studies on Myrrh for modern medicine. Research ranges from chronic disease and cancer treatment to memory enhancement and wound healing. Traditionally Myrrh helps with chapped skin, for aromatherapy massage, to help with coughs and colds, to address thyroid problems, and for healing injuries. It is among the mild non-irritating oils and has anti-bacterial properties. It calms and uplifts. $22.50 Now $19.13 for 5 ml bottle. [EO4211]
  3. USDA-certified organic Siberian Fir from Bulgaria—This oil transports you to untouched forests. It rates high for both spiritual and physical characteristics. Bathe with it or diffuse it for stress or troubles and somehow problems are just more manageable. Siberian Fir boosts mental clarity. It's good for chronic fatigue, pain and stiffness of muscles, arthritis, and respiratory problems.$11.30 Now $9.61 for 10 ml bottle  [EO4531]

Lavender Extra Wildcrafted, Organic EO4117 

Myrrh, Organic EO4211

Fir Siberian, Organic EO4531

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