Ask Dr. Streicher: February 2015

Feb 26th 2015

Patrice Asks:

Good Day Dr. Streicher,

I am new and enthusiastic to learning about the healing properties of essential oils. Yes, everyone says Young Living has the best oils, but my hesitation is its founder and I don't believe there could be only one company that is honorable.

My biggest use for the oils would be to cut down on my son's "anxiety", a word I never thought would go describing a child. My son is 12 years old and is on the spectrum. What would you say would be the number one oil(s) to use on him daily and its application?

He can focus when interested, yet go far away when not. He repeats and stims as a way of regulating himself. I am seeking anything that will help both of us. As you see, I am very affected by his stimming. He is a sensitive child and picks up on energy, as do I. I look forward to your response.



Dr. Streicher Answers:

Dear Patrice,

Your success will depend a lot on how your son relates to the oils. You certainly can run a diffuser even if he does not care, also at night, but positive involvement from his side can make a lot of difference. When he has the experience that he can create improvement by applying the oils and is motivated, this can go a long way.

I recommend his using the Anxiety and Stress Free Roll-On Relief. They are good for you too. It is important to go with those oils he likes and to which he relates positively. You also can use any of the single notes used in the Anxiety and Stress Free formulations, in a diffuser (undiluted), or in a carrier oil topically (2 - 4% dilution).

By the way, not everyone says Young Living's are the best. Only YL distributors and possibly friends who go by what they say.

Kind Regards,

Christoph Streicher, Ph.D.

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Original Published: 2015-02-26 / Last Modified: 2021-10-11

Posted by Dr. Christoph Streicher