by Stephanie Chambers and Dr. Christoph Streicher

Woman oiling herself with essential oilsMassaging your skin with essential oils won’t reach some of your internal organs. Organs like your ovaries and prostate are hard to reach because the pubic bone gets in the way, so sometimes other methods are needed. These methods entail oiling parts of your body that don’t see the light of day, but even these parts need to be oiled too.

Suppositories and enemas have been used as part of Ayurvedic treatments for thousands of years. Don’t be afraid to enter the world of suppositories and enemas. Your body will thank you for it in the long run. Here are some tips on how to do this.

Note: You should make sure to sterlize all equipment used.

Essential Oil Suppositories and Enemas

The trick is to use Shea butter for the suppositories because it will become hard in the fridge but will become completely liquid at body temperature. Put the Shea butter in a saucepan and raise the temperature a little so it melts. You may want to use a double boiler arrangement and dip a small saucepan into the boiling water of a larger pot. Watch the stove carefully, and remove it from the heat as soon as it melts, as hot oils can be very dangerous.

When it has melted and been taken off the stove for a little while to cool down a bit, add the essential oils. The essential oil or essential oil blend should not form more than 5% of the total (e.g. 25 drops of essential oils per tablespoon of Shea butter). Some essential oils will be a lower percentage. (See the “how to use” section of any essential oil page on our website for details on how much to dilute it for use on a small portion of skin rather than a whole body massage.)

Here are some oils you may like to try depending on your need:

Once it has cooled down, if you are going to make a suppository, simply pour the mixture into small rounded plastic ice molds. Alternatively, you can let it cool till it forms a semi-solid and form this into small rounded or oval shapes and place in aluminum foil. Store in the refrigerator, not the freezer. You can make this mix in large batches.

When you want to use one of the suppositories – ideally after you have eliminated – take it out of the fridge. Insert it through your anus and as far up into your rectum as you can reach. Women may choose to insert the suppository into their vagina if it is for ovarian issues (but only using the ovarian oils mentioned above). 

If you prefer, you can use the mixture as an enema and use enema equipment to squirt it into your anus and rectum or vagina as appropriate. Make sure the mixture is only lukewarm, not hot, before you do this. Use some of the oil to lubricate the equipment before you use it. You may need someone to help you do this.

After use, ideally you should rest on a towel and let your body absorb it. You may like to do this when you are going to bed. Otherwise, if you have to go out, you may like to wear a sanitary napkin to catch any drips. To get on top of whatever issue you are experiencing, you may need to do regular weekly or perhaps even daily enemas and/or suppositories for a few months to see results.

Have you used essential oil enemas or suppositories? We would love to hear your experiences, so please share so all can benefit.


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