by Stephanie Chambers and Dr. Christoph Streicher

Vastu - indian feng shui - buildingsThe basic concept of Vastu (also known as Sthapatya Veda or Indian Feng Shui) is that by orienting your building and building it to certain proportions according to ancient Vedic texts, will increase your health and happiness. It states that only east or north entrances and exits should be used. So how can essential oils be used to magnify and enhance these effects?

As some books explain, by placing your kitchen in the southeast corner, for example, you will be making the most of its Mars influence and to the fire element. Meditation is best in the northeast corner because it is under the influence of the Sun and the ether or space element. As well as living in a Vastu house, they also recommend that you arrange your furniture so that you too can face east more often.

Here are some tips on which essential oils to use in the different locations to help them become even more in tune with cosmic forces:

  • Meditation room in the northeast essential oils like Frankincense and Spikenard can help you connect to your inner self.
  • Kitchen in the southeast – wearing diluted, cooling essential oils like Lemon and Lime help you to cope with the heat of cooking.
  • Bedroom in the southwest – essential oils that help you sleep (and thus relate well to the earth element of this direction) like Lavender and Sweet Marjoram may be useful. This may or may not be where you choose to have sex. Sleep doctors normally recommend the bedroom just be associated with sleep and only sleep.
  • Study in the north – essential oils that help you to focus like Cedar Atlas, Myrrh, Peppermint or any of the citrus oils like Pink Grapefuit or Lemon may be useful.


Scientific research on Vastu is only in its early stages, but already trends are being found1.

Have you found living in Vastu changed your life for the better? If you have found certain essential oils useful in amplifying the effects of Vastu, please share them below so all can benefit.




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