Jean Y. Asks:
Hi Dr. Streicher,

I need to know what a toe nail fungus treatment would be.  I have tried tea tree oil and the patient does not like the strong smell.   Is there a different oil that can be used?   Would it be used straight or diluted with olive or jojoba or another oil?   I am an acupuncturist and really like essential oils but am not sure what would be effective for nail fungus.


Dr. Streicher Answers:
Here are two alternatives as a nail fungus treatment:  First, there is Oregano Oil, which also is not very pleasant smelling but is much more potent than Tea Tree Oil. Because of its potency, you can dilute it 5% in a carrier oil, making the scent much weaker.  Second, there is Myrrh Oil, which needs stronger dilution (20% in a carrier oil), but the scent is much more pleasant.