Jan S. Asks:


I recently purchased Ecstatic Body for Women, not realizing it is consumed. Can it also be used in a small amount on skin? I thought it was for the scent and could be used on skin. I do not want to drink.

How can I reuse the cotton pads for the Amrita Ball Diffuser? Just use again and again? Can they be cleaned/refreshed?



Dr. Streicher Answers:

Dear Jan,

You can apply all Tri-Essences to the skin, but you need to mix them with an unscented lotion (10% Tri-Essence, 90% lotion), otherwise the skin will not absorb them
You can use the cotton pads over and over again.  If you switch scents often, keep several pads, one for each scent.

Best Wishes,

Christoph Streicher, Ph.D.