Cardiovascular Health

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  • Cardiovascular Health Tri-Essence Power BlendTM is a tonic for all levels of heart function: physical, emotional and spiritual. This nourishing blend brings improved nutrition to your brain and heart.

  • As a human being, nourishing your heart is centrally vital to both your physical and emotional well-being. More people perish from heart problems in North America than from any other disease, and heart disease is quickly rising as one of the leading causes of death around the world.

    Cardiovascular Health Tri-Essence PowerBlend is clearing, nourishing and strengthening to your cardiac function, while also supporting the mind and body on deeper levels.

    • Physical level: Heart tonic, strengthens the heart muscle, balances your heart rhythm in case of arrhythmia, balances low and high blood pressure. Restorative: helps with weakness and infections of the heart. It nourishes your heart, arteries, and veins.

    • Emotional level: Helps connecting with other people, opens unrestricted flow of love, helps you recover from loss, disappointment and other stress on your heart. It also helps prevent feelings of burn-out, emotional exhaustion, grief, anger and separation.

    • Spiritual/consciousness level: Brings deeper levels of openness, connectedness and love, nurtures your heart chakra.

    Emotional stress is one of the factors strongly linked to deficient functioning of the cardiovascular system. William Shakespeare wrote, "light heart lives long." This blend lightens a heavy heart and brings feelings of joy and gratitude.

    As a nourishing heart tonic, let this nutrient-rich Tri-Essence PowerBlend lighten the load on your heart both physically and emotionally. Use Cardiovascular Health daily and enjoy feeling stronger, more vital and more joyful.

  • Herbal Extracts:

    Hawthorneberry, flower, leaf (Crataegus spp.) – Cardiovascular tonic, strengthens and nourishes the heart, enhances circulation.

    Night Blooming Cereus (C. grandiflorus) – Soothes, calms the heart.

    Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca) – Relaxing, soothes nerves, uplifting.

    Wild Oats (Avena sativa) – Restorative, strengthening, uplifting.

    Bugleweed (Lycopus virginicus) – Tension-relieving, calms and stabilizes the heart.


    Essential Oils:

    Helichrysum (H. italicum) – Restorative, prevents blood clotting, stabilizes heart rhythm, heals bruises.

    Rose (Rosa damascena) – Soothing to the heart, heals grief, enhances love.

    Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata) – Relaxing, soothes nervousness, lowers blood pressure.


    Flower Essences:

    Holly – Nourishes and expands the heart to express more love towards others

    Borage – Enlivens courage and lightens a heavy heart

    Aloe Vera – Helps to recover from “burn-out” due to overwork

  • Add 20 - 40 drops to a small amount of water 3-4 times a day for up to 6 months or more, or as recommended by your healthcare advisor.

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      Caffeine rush, sans caffeine
      Dallas D. Says: (Posted on 2/20/2015)
      I don't have any physical maladies, such as sore joints or circulation problems. I work out hard, every day, and I work hard to maintain my own cardiovascular health, which is what made me try this. Now and then, I take a dropper full a few minutes before my workout, and it gives me a sort of boost. I can feel my circulation increase, and things feel like they're flowing more smoothly. It's like the boost that you might get from caffeine, but without the 'dirty' feeling.