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  • Energy Regenerator Tri-Essence Power BlendTM provides the essentials for your body to generate vital energy while remaining stable and grounded. This blend is for those who would like to enhance their energy levels naturally.

  • We all want more energy so we can enjoy life more. Remember what it was like to be a child running and dancing around outside feeling totally exhilarated and never wanting to stop? Where did that energy come from? (Hint: it wasn’t just candy) And how can we get that energy back?

    Your body has an innate reservoir of vital force and strength. In Chinese medicine it is known as chi and in Ayurveda, prana. This Tri-Essence Powerblend contains botanicals that harness and enliven the body’s own inner energy sources.

    Instead of the unbalanced, destabilizing effects of stimulants like caffeine and energy drinks, Energy Regenerator provides nourishing support for the body’s own inner intelligence. The amazing human body knows how to adjust in a very orderly manner to an infinite variety of life situations that require various levels of energy expenditure.

    Energy Regenerator is designed to help your body maintain an optimal style of functioning. It enhances the body's ability to process and adapt to the dynamic demands of life without incurring stress and fatigue.

    In addition to restoring your zest for life through the vitalizing herbal extracts and strengthening essential oils, the blend can support you in making needed lifestyle changes. Flower essences of Nasturtium and Rosemary are said to increase awareness of the body’s needs, thereby avoiding circumstances that produce over-exertion and fatigue.

    This blend helps the body to generate and modulate energy while keeping stable and grounded. This is an opportunity to get off the treadmill of just surviving the day by flooding your system with stimulants with weakening side-effects. With Energy Regenerator, that dragging feeling of fatigue can be lifted in a balanced way. Add Energy Regenerator to your daily life and awaken to true energy.

    Energy Regenerator Tri-Essence PowerBlend awakens natural energy on three levels.

    • Physical level: The herbal extract blend is restorative, strengthening and stimulating. Each of the herbs provides energy and vitality to the body.
    • Emotional level: The essential oil blend provides grounding, stability and courage.
    • Spirit-consciousness level: The flower essences in this formula help restore the mind-body connection and provide access to clarity, energy and vitality from the core of your being. 


  • Herbal Extracts

    Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) – Strengthening, invigorating, health tonic.

    Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) – Aphrodisiac, revitalizing, energy enhancing.

    American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolium) – Aphrodisiac, health tonic, energy enhancing.

    Fo-Ti (Polygonum multiflorum) – Restorative, helps treat hair loss and graying, health tonic.

    Royal Jelly (bee product) – Fertility enhancing, rejuvenating, energy enhancing.


    Essential Oils

    Hemlock Spruce (Tsuga canadensis) – Fights fatigue, uplifting, pain-relieving.

    Atlas Cedar (Cedrus Atlantica)  – Increases power, stability and courage.

    Angelica Root (Angelica archangelica) – Strengthening, invigorating, grounding.


    Flower Essences

    Olive – Revitalizing, through connection to a source of energy beyond physical

    Nasturtium – Restores warmth and vitality to overcome mental and physical energy depletion

    Morning Glory – Lights a spark of buoyant clarity within, restoring that “fresh-start feeling” that accompanies mental and physical vitality

    Rosemary – Supports vitality and enhances the mind-body connection.


    Each and every ingredient in this Tri-Essence PowerBlend is famous for its revitalizing effects on a woman’s body, mind and spirit.

    The herbal therapeutic extract Dong Quai is a plant that has a great many benefits to offer women. Describing Dong Quai as an aphrodisiac is accurate but wouldn’t do it justice. Dong Quai does so much more than increase a woman’s libido. It also nourishes the entire female reproductive system and revitalizes your body as a whole.

    This plant’s rare intelligence also has the ability to specifically bring unbalanced areas of your physiology back into ideal functioning. Dong Quai is renowned for eliminating uncomfortable menstrual symptoms by toning the organs and balancing hormones, all of which also support sexual activity.

    Siberian Ginseng, like Dong Quai, is another famous root that has been traditionally used for balancing female hormones and increasing vital energy and fertility. Helonias Root (False Unicorn) tones and strengthens the female reproductive system, while Fo-Ti and Damiana help to increase responsiveness to sensual touch and receptivity to love.

    The essential oils in this Tri-Essence blend operate on a subtler level, the realm of mind and emotions. The sweet and soothingly herbal scent of Clary Sage is considered the number one oil for women. Clary Sage helps balance hormones, which increases sensual desire in addition to smoothing out any reproductive system discomfort. Another unique feature of Clary Sage is that it is mildly euphoric, and some people experience this to be quite pleasant.

    All over the world, the sweetly scented rose flower has been exchanged as a universal symbol of love itself. Rose Otto Essential Oil is correlated with the heart, and has an uplifting, positive influence on the emotions. It is a heart opener and enhances loving feelings.

    Ylang Ylang is sweet, sensual and joyful. One of the most aphrodisiac essential oils, it helps release both emotional and sexual blockages. Jasmine is a lovely heart opener that helps women overcome mood swings and irritability with sensuality and joy.

    The flower essences in this Tri-Essence bring specific benefits to you from the spiritual level, the most refined of all three levels. Sticky Monkeyflower flower essence helps to release fears one may have regarding intimacy, which block a genuine experience of vulnerability with another person.

    Sticky Monkeyflower is particularly helpful for people who feel either sexually repressed or, at the other extreme, inappropriately over-sexual. Sticky Monkeyflower helps to integrate the deep, pure, true desires of the heart with the physical expression of human sexuality.

    The Hibiscus flower, red and radiant, opens and expands to display its grand and delicate beauty, and when the sun goes down, the petals gently and gracefully close until the next morning. Hibiscus flower essence is part of this formula, helping to integrate the inner soul with its outer physical expression for a meaningful sexual experience.

    Sometimes genuine sexual expression can be psychologically or energetically tainted by the subtle effect of society’s exploitation of women, such as the degrading sexual imagery that objectifies women. Hibiscus protects the delicate intimate experience between two people from being intruded upon by these negative influences.

  • Take 20-30 drops in a small amount of water 3-4 times daily. Take as an ongoing rejuvenating tonic and before and after physical exertion, or as recommended by your healthcare advisor.

    Caution: Avoid if pregnant or breast feeding.

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