Jasmine Ylang-Ylang Perfume

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  • Jasmine Ylang-Ylang Perfume: Two romantic legends form a potent alliance in this blend, relieving emotional blocks related to the expression of the senses, while relaxing physical tensions. The blend awakens feminine qualities. Made from organic ingredients.

  • With strikingly similar qualities, the euphoric scents of two floral legends blend seamlessly to become a bravely seductive, feminine perfume. The floral ecstasy resulting from the combination of Jasmine Absolute and Organic Ylang Ylang essential oil releases both emotional and sexual inhibitions. Jasmine offers wholehearted romantic expression to the sexual awakening that Ylang Ylang induces so effortlessly.

    Jasmine is one of the most powerful anti-anxiety essential oils, singlehandedly able to relieve an emotional crisis with its euphoric, sensual aroma. Ylang Ylang is the most notorious aphrodisiac in aromatherapy; intensely sweet, sensual, voluptuous and joyous.

    Both Jasmine and Ylang Ylang powerfully improve one’s emotional state. Ylang Ylang relieves emotional tensions and negative emotions such as anger, rage and frustration, while Jasmine brings the radiant light that automatically drives away fear, sadness and coldness.

    According to aromatherapy author Susanne Fischer-Rizzi, “Jasmine helps set the stage for experiencing warm love, total abandon, trust and relaxed physical awareness. It envelops people with a mantle of mystery and magic.”

    Of Ylang Ylang she writes, “The fragrance stimulates the part of the brain that releases endorphins. It is therefore helpful in reducing pain, as well as in creating euphoric and erotic moods.”

    Ylang Ylang has an extremely feminine “yin” energy, although it is suitable for men as well. It can especially help men who need to relax stubborn tensions and develop their softer, gentler, more intuitive side.

    Jasmine opens the heart while harmonizing it with the third and second chakras, the centers of power and physical intimacy.

    The result of joining these two powerhouses of sensuality is to open one’s eyes to a whole new experience of passionate love and romance, particularly for women.

  • Apply to pulse points, behind ears, behind knee and elbow joints and along frontal line. (The frontal line runs from the heart area upwards and downwards. It extends from the front of the neck to below the abdomen, parallel to the spine.)

  • Ingredients

    Certified Organic Jojoba Oil, Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute and Certified Organic Ylang-Ylang Extra Essential Oil, Vitamin E.

    Jasmine Grandiflorum is the type of Jasmine that blooms in the morning, with a deeper, richer, more complex scent sometimes reminiscent of tea.

    Ylang Ylang Extra is one of the four possible grades of Ylang Ylang oil and is the first product of the distillation process, considered optimal for aromatherapy use.

    Jojoba oil is not actually an oil, but a plant wax. Jojoba has a neutral scent and is very absorbable by the skin, making it ideal for diluting essential oils for topical use. It also does not go rancid, giving these perfumes a long shelf life.

    Vitamin E is a natural preservative, having antioxidant and skin-nourishing properties. 

  • "This line of sublime organic perfumes is Amrita’s response to a market full of synthetic fragrance oils. Exotic names like Egyptian Sandalwood, Lilac, Green Tea, Mango, Freesia and Apple Blossom refer to synthetic products. Either these scents cannot be produced by natural extraction or their extraction is completely cost prohibitive. Amrita’s position is that these synthetics pose considerable risks to one's immune system, endocrine system and nervous system."

    - Dr. Christoph Streicher

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