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Diffuser Cleaning Kit

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Keep your nebulizer in top shape!

The Diffuser Cleaning Kit is designed to help you clean and maintain Amrita's nebulizing diffusers for top performance and purity of scent.

The kit consists of denatured alcohol, (the best solution to completely eliminate remnants of the previously diffused essential oil), pipe cleaners, extra silicone tubing and two replacement corks.

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Therapeutic Benefits

The nebulizing diffuser is considered the most advanced and preferred diffuser for aromatherapy. Here are a few reasons why.

The process of nebulization ionizes and suspends very fine oil molecules in the air, making the essential oil more bioavailable. At this point, the essential oil is highly penetrating to the lungs, throat and sinuses; it literally cleanses the air.

Nebulizers emit a visible stream of vaporized essential oil particles that flow into the air, instantly uplifting one’s surroundings. Within seconds of operating, a room is filled with pure aroma, like opening a window to a fresh spring breeze carrying the scent of flowers. The air in hospital rooms, schools and offices can become sanitized to an extent far beyond what is possible with an aroma lamp or plug-in diffuser.

Because of the sophisticated and precise functionality, the nebulizer is more efficient than other types of diffusers. The essential oil can go a lot further when it becomes a super fine vapor mist. As the essential oil passes through an intricately engineered hand-blown glass chamber, the nebulizer diffuses aroma on a refreshing current of air. Because the oil particles are so fine, they remain in suspension in the air for a long period rather than condensing; thus one uses less essential oil. Within a few minutes the air in a large room can be saturated with the essential oil. The glass chamber is able to hold remaining essential oil for the next use so nothing is wasted. You’ve invested in a great bottle of pure, fresh and therapeutic essential oil, and the nebulizer helps get the most out of your investment.

No Heat
Another advantage of the nebulizer is there is no heat involved, and therefore no residues or oxidation. Essential oils are by their very nature therapeutic, but different devices to diffuse them into the air we breathe can either enhance or destroy their effectiveness. For most essential oils, heat undermines their effectiveness and can even distort their scent into something unpleasant. Nebulizers are the only diffusers that give you the ultimate experience of essential oils in uncompromised clarity.

No Steam
The nebulizer produces its essential oil vapors without use of steam, so people with asthma can safely use the nebulizer for direct inhalation.

How To Use

Amrita's diffusers are easy to use and care for. Simply add a few drops of your favorite pure essential oil or synergy blend, and begin your journey into nature.

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