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  • Quit Craving Roll-On ReliefTM lessens addictive urges while detoxifying and energizing the body to release underlying emotional imbalances. It promotes a feeling of calm, centeredness and peace.

  • The essential oils in Quit Craving are Helichrysum, Pink Grapefruit, Black Pepper, Clove Bud, Spearmint, Lime and Bitter Orange.

    Quit Craving soothes irritability and nervousness, promoting a calm feeling. This benefit is worth its weight in gold, considering that many times the reason people reach for a cigarette, pill, cheesecake or all-night TV marathon in the first place is to escape from feeling irritated and nervous inside. These uncomfortable thoughts or sensations can be excruciating, without some kind of escape.

    By using Quit Craving, this intense desire to escape is buffered so you can slow things down, create some space and rethink what you are about to do. Most cravings only last a few minutes, so Quit Craving helps you get through those few minutes without giving into the destructive urge. If cravings are persistent, regular use of this Roll-On will help you to resolve the underlying issue.

    The cheery, citrus aromas of Pink Grapefruit and Bitter Orange in the blend lift the fog of depression and sadness that often trigger cravings. These essential oils also both help reduce appetite and are often recommended for weight loss. Pink Grapefruit and Bitter Orange are helpful for dealing with other types of cravings also, such as longing for a cigarette.

    Lime and Helichrysum are essential oils that uplift the mood and spirit. Enlivening inner happiness is very important for reducing dependence on substances like tobacco, alcohol, sugar, or whatever you have a dependence on.

    Spearmint and Black Pepper are known to reduce and satisfy cravings. Clove Bud Essential Oil is a hot, stimulating oil that, along with Black Pepper and Spearmint, helps bring you the needed energy to counteract a strong craving.

    With will-power and the strength of these amazing essential oils, it is possible to retrain yourself to stop whatever addictive behavior you have been prone to. The Roll-On will not become yet another substance you are dependent on, but rather a helping hand as you break your unwanted habit.

  • Quit Craving was formulated to address any kind of craving but particularly cravings for food and nicotine.

    1. When you experience cravings, take a moment to sit, close your eyes and focus your attention on where the craving is most present in your body. It could be in your chest, your throat, or anywhere.

    2. After you become aware of where the craving is located, roll on Quit Craving directly to those areas. Roll it on your pulse points, temples and heart area as well. Quit Craving was designed to deliver relief directly to the areas where it is needed, to soothe and balance the craving.

    3. Take a moment to experience the aroma. Take the experience of the aroma to the place where you feel the craving. The wonderful scent of aromatic oils will magnify the effect of an increased mind-body connection.

    This process helps you create body awareness. You will develop a better relationship with your body, and your body will then work in harmony with your mind as it experiences the aroma.

    Use generously. Contains over 60 applications.


    Safety Precautions

    Do not ingest.

  • Organic Aloe Vera Juice; Organic Jojoba Oil; Vegetable Glycerin; Vegetable Emulsifying Wax; Xanthan Gum; Essential Oils of Helichrysum, Pink Grapefruit, Black Pepper, Clove Bud, Spearmint, Lime and Bitter Orange; Grapefruit Seed Extract and Olive Leaf Extract.

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