Tangerine Essential Oil

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  • Tangerine Essential Oil possesses similar aromatherapeutic properties to mandarine and is extensively used as a flavoring in soft drinks, candy, and liqueurs.
    Farming MethodConventionally Farmed
    Country of OriginUSA
    Plant PartPeel
    Scientific NameCitrus reticulata
    Application Method Diffusion, Internal Use

  • The botanical origins of tangerine and mandarine are similar. They are both considered to be varieties of the same species and therefore have similar aromatherapeutic properties. Apart from its use in aromatherapy, tangerine oil is extensively used as a flavoring. When used with sweet and bitter orange, grapefruit and lime oil flavors, it gives interesting compositions to soft drinks, candy and liqueurs.

  • For use on the skin (Topical Application), dilute up to 3-5% in any carrier oil.

    For Whole Body Massage, use essential oil up to 2% maximum in any carrier oil. 2% is approximately 1 teaspoon (5ml) of essential oil per 1 cup (250ml) of carrier oil, or about 10 drops essential oil to a tablespoon (15 ml) of carrier oil.

    Sleep aid for children: Diffuse in room, Aromatic Bath

    Flatulence, intestinal discomfort (for adults and children): Topical Application rub on stomach

    Stretch marks during pregnancy: Topical Application, Whole Body Massage

    Acne, oily skin: Topical Application, add to skin care products

    Anxiety and nerves: Diffusion

    Lymph drainage and other circulatory issues: Whole Body Massage, Aromatic Bath


    Specific Safety Precautions

    May phototoxic. Be careful in the sun after a treatment. Dilute before using..

    General Safety Precautions

    Use essential oils only in diluted form on the skin and never internally. Always be careful when using essential oils with children. Give them only low doses, or better, consult a qualified aromatherapy expert before using. Also, use essential oils with care and only under the proper guidance of an expert while pregnant or if you have liver damage, epilepsy, cancer or other serious health problems.

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