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  • Cold and Flu - Keep your immune system strong!
  • Why organic essential oils are important
  • Essential oil synergies

Therapeutic Quality Oils

purity is only the first step.
A Careful Journey:  Follow our oils from the Earth to you.

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Why Use Essential Oils?

• To reduce stress

• Gain energy and alertness

• Enhance spiritual well-being

• Reduce inflammation or pain

• Help your body to heal itself

Or to just enjoy the fun an aromatherapy bath brings.

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Beach scene with an essential oil body oilCraving a beach getaway, but can't make it to a beach? Try Amrita's Calming and Regenerating Body Oil and bring the beach to your home! See our blog for details

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Amrita's production cycle:  Careful farming, distilling, bottling

Amrita Aromatherapy's Story

Striving to supply the finest organic essential oils

  • Amrita Aromatherapy has been offering high-quality, organic essential oils and personal care products since 1989. 

  • Having developed a worldwide network of essential oil producers, Amrita is always able to select the finest oil from a number of available sources including small family farms.

  • Dr. Christoph Streicher has a Master's Degree in Biochemistry and a Ph.D.  in Physiology. He and his staff critically evaluate the biochemistry of the oils based on how they interact with the human physiology. Using their own gas chromatograph they check that the oils haven’t been diluted, industrially processed or chemically manipulated to ensure their authenticity and therapeutic value.

  • Oils are selected  according to the holistic healing principles that Dr. Streicher learned in the 80s from well-known Indian Ayurvedic physicians and Jacques Paltz of France, a world-renowned authority on essential oils.

  • Amrita’s certified organic products are verified by third party regulators to ensure they’ve been grown, harvested, distilled and handled without pesticides, chemicals and other toxic ingredients, according to the USDA/NOP standards.

  • Amrita has a devout following of aromatherapists, massage therapists, medical doctors, chiropractors, natural food stores, and regular customers. 


  • Explore our site for yourself and try our wide range of products to improve your health and vitality.



Amrita Aromatherapy Client Testimonials

"Thanks for the great products.  I especially like the purity of the Callophyllum. And the smell is glorious. The turn about time from placing my order to opening the carefully wrapped package was exceptional.


"Dear Amrita Aromatherapy,
Over the years I have noticed that the quality of goods and customer service everywhere has really gone down the tubes. Your company is the exception!  I have been a customer for 5 years or so now.  In that five years you have never failed to provide quality products and exceptional prices. Like all of us, you have made mistakes here and there. However, your customer service representatives have always responded quickly to resolve the problem and go above & beyond to make things right. They are always pleasant and kind and communicate quickly and effectively. So thank you again! Keep up the good work!


Quinn Reid,
LMT, Heron Kwe Massage Therapy"

Using Amni Visnaga for asthma relief:

"Following Christoph's advice, I diffused a 1:4 mixture of amni visnaga and eucalyptus radiata 20 mins. twice per day to relieve asthma symptoms. The results were amazing! The combination of oils cleared out the congestion and relaxed my breathing. Total relief without an inhaler! I don't know what I would do without amni visnaga. Yes, it's expensive. But when you combine it with E. radiata it's very affordable and the two oils work together very well.


Aromatherapy Weekly Tip

How should you blend essential oils?

For therapeutic purposes blend 2 to 3 (or a maximum of 4) oils together.

1. Start with the 2 least odor intensive oils, creating a 50:50 mix. 2. Determine which oil is dominating the smell of the blend. 3. Carefully add the other oil a drop at a time until a pleasing balance is reached. 4. Then carefully add a drop at a time of a 3rd oil until it has flavored the blend without dominating it. 5. Shake the bottle to thoroughly blend your creation. The scent will change over time, so let it sit a couple of days and then smell it again. 6. Don't forget to write down the number of drops in each blend, so you can duplicate it!

See the How To Blend page for more details.