Why is Organic Important?

Every plant we list as organic has been grown, harvested, distilled and handled according to the USDA/NOP standards. Certification is available upon request.

Specializing in certified organic and therapeutic aromatherapy, Amrita became the first essential oil company in the United States, in 2001, to make the transition into carrying certified organic essential oils. This means that every product that is listed on our website as certified organic has been grown, harvested, distilled and handled without chemicals and other toxic ingredients, according to the USDA/NOP standards.

Why Use Organic Products?

1. Using certified organic products limits your exposure to pesticides, chemicals and other toxins. When you use topical applications, your skin (the largest organ in your body), soaks up a lot of the oil.
2. When buying organic, you are doing your part in reducing the amount of pesticide used on our planet earth.
3. Plants grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides are much healthier. Their vibrational qualities are much stronger making them more therapeutic and excellent for healing. Essential oils for healing ought to be organic if at all possible.

Amrita is fully committed to continuously working towards meeting the highest quality control standards within the industry. Amrita’s wildcrafted line (many of which are certified organic as well) is distilled from plants that grow in their natural habitat or ecosystem, far away from any pesticides or artificial fertilizers. This is often the healthiest, most natural growing condition for a particular plant species and often yields the finest essential oil. As a bonus, wildcrafted certification makes sure plants are not over harvested, ensuring the sustainability of that particular ecosystem. The ecologically ethical oils come from farms that use no pesticides or artificial fertilizers, and our conventionally farmed oils are selected from conventional farms after careful screening and decades of working together with the cultivators.

Amrita has spent 25 years researching, sourcing and providing the finest quality products that nature has to offer. Join us on our journey to create a lasting change for the health of our environment - and you!