Essential Oils For Women's Wellness

  • About The Condition

    A woman carries within her the incredible power to bring life. From her body, she can nurture that life; providing nutritionally and emotionally, every ounce of necessary life-giving energy. A woman’s body is so deeply in tune with the rhythms of nature; so deeply aware and innately compassionate, that a breastfeeding mother’s body works on a supply and demand process; analyzing her child’s needs and providing the correct level of nutrition, antibodies, etc. that perfectly suits her baby’s requirement.

    The glorious experience of being a woman does not come without it’s difficulties: PMS, fatigue, cramping, bloating, aching, etc. is an all-too-common experience for us all. Fortunately, aromatherapy offers great remedies for not only aiding in the symptoms but helping us to integrate our hormonal fluctuations so that we can live harmoniously with the changes in our body utilizing them to tap into our power as opposed to letting it get us down.

  • Useful Essential Oils

    The following Essential Oils are great for bringing balance into our lives and integration into our bodies:

    Clary Sage: Clary Sage is a woman’s oil. It balances estrogen production helping to relieve cramps, child labor, boosting breastmilk production and can even help in symptoms associated with menopause. By aiding in the balance of hormones, it helps to sooth the emotions. Additionally, it is used to relieve pain, inflammation, muscular stiffness and spasms.

    Clary Sage can be used to relieve menstrual cramps by diluting with a carrier oil (5%) and applied to the lower abdomen. Similarly, it can be applied topically to increase breast milk production. Use this powerful, mood-enhancing oil in a diffuser for menopause and overall comfort.

    Rose Geranium: Fantastic for uplifting the emotions and balancing hormones, Rose Geranium is an excellent oil to add to your collection. Rose Geranium’s delightful scent is reminiscent of fresh cut roses- it effectively lifts the mood and brings a sense of confidence and comfort to the individual. An all over body massage, diluted 2%, is the perfect way to relieve water retention that occurs during a woman’s cycle - this method can also reduce menstrual cramps and aches. Additionally, it can be used to clear up acne as it balances the sebum levels in the skin, stimulating cell regeneration.

    Roman Chamomile: This widely used oil is essential for a Woman’s balance. It is a very powerful antispasmodic, as powerful as any synthetic spasmolytic drug without the side effects. Roman Chamomile works to brings muscle spasms and cramps to a halt. Accompanied by its pleasant aroma, this essential oil is great for settling the nerves and soothing emotions and can even help to reduce pain. Use topically for menstrual cramps (2-5%) or diffuse for mood enhancement.

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