Essential Oils and Pets

Essential Oils and Pets

Apr 21st 2021

Posted by Amrita Aromatherapy

Sharon Asks:

My husband recently purchased some of your EOs for me. I have some concerns about the use of oils with pets - especially cats. Would it be ok to diffuse Cinnamon Bark around cats. I have a nebulizer. I know some oils are problematic since they do not metabolize well in a cats liver. Do you have a list of oils that should or shouldn't be used with cats and dogs? Thanks.

Dr. Streicher Answers:

Hello Sharon,

The liver of cats is deficient in their ability to eliminate essential oil compounds. They lack enzyme glucuronyl tranferase. In particular, oils containing phenols are very difficult to deal with for cats (oregano, thyme, clove). But other oils including cinnamon bark and leaf are not recommended for cats either. Also on the list is peppermint, lavender, tea tee, lemon, lime, wintergreen, birch and similar oils.

While fragrancing the ambient air has much less of an impact than internal or topical application, prolonged exposure can also do harm. You don't need to be concerned about temporary exposure though.

However, pets' noses are manifold more sensitive than ours and we should be very careful not to overexpose any pet. Carefully observe the reaction of the pet to different scents, they know what it right for them.

Best Wishes,

Christoph Streicher, Ph.D.

Original Published: 2014-12-26 / Last Modified: 2021-10-11