Amrita's Purity Standards

Botanical purity is only the first step when Amrita sources essential oils. To verify purity, Amrita uses gas chromatographic analysis with chiral columns, which is the most reliable tool for selecting oils that are 100% derived from the botanical species indicated.

The botanical species is clearly listed on the label of each of our oils as a further guarantee that the oil originates 100% from the species and is not cut with cheaper oils or synthetics (particularly "nature-identical" compounds), which is otherwise a common practice in essential oil production.

More than 95% of all essential oils today are produced for the flavor and fragrance industries. These industries do not prioritize a natural product. Therefore, oils used by these industries often are not pure; they are reconstituted with nature-identical compounds of synthetic origin. Such oils are not suitable for aromatherapy. Further, even if they are pure, industrial oils are not usually distilled with the care necessary for aromatherapy purposes. 

Beyond Purity: Ascertaining Therapeutic Quality

Once an oil fulfills the first criteria--purity--there are a significant number of other parameters that can make or break the quality of an essential oil and its usefulness in aromatherapy. For example, Chamomile, even when pure and unadulterated, may not have much therapeutic value if the content of anti-inflammatory compounds is low. The genetic constitution of the plant, the climate and the farming methods greatly influence the composition of the oil and therefore its quality.

Amrita prefers to obtain essential oils from certified organic and wild-crafted sources. A plant that has been growing in its natural ecological habitat, to which it has adapted over millions of years, quite often has the most valuable composition.

Amrita ensures that each oil offered meets the standards of purity and quality described here.

Selective Sourcing

Amrita seeks out essential oils that have been grown by the best cultivars in the optimum climatic and soil conditions. The plants are then properly harvested and prepared, and the oils are extracted using a low-heat methodology that is free of toxic chemicals.

Amrita Aromatherapy has been producing high-quality essential oils, many of which are organic, and personal care products since 1989. Over the years, Amrita has developed strong relationships with hundreds of essential oil producers. Many of these are small family farms who produce a number of different essential oils for aromatherapy purposes. For each new oil harvest, there are always a number of producers available, which allows Amrita to always be able to choose the finest oil.

Only 100% true, unadulterated botanical essential oils are selected.

Amrita chooses essential oils from wild-crafted or organically farmed plants whenever possible. Every product listed on Amrita’s website as certified organic has been verified by third party regulators to have been grown, harvested, distilled and handled without pesticides, chemicals and other toxic ingredients - according to the USDA/NOP standards.

Amrita selects essential oils whose fragrance spectrum is lively, rich and whole.

Amrita does not accept oils that have been rectified, peroxidized, decolorized, deterpenized, denatured, reconstituted or mixed with other essential oils, lipids, alcohol or other chemical compounds.

Dr. Christoph Streicher,

President of Amrita Aromatherapy, Inc.