Healing Facial Serum

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  • Formulated with rare, healing vegetable oils (or vegetable glycerin) along with potent plant extracts and essential oils, this serum helps repair, restore and replenish blemished skin. Once or twice a day and watch your skin begin to glow with youth and profound balance. This serum makes an excellent addition to your facial. And experience its synergistic effect when you use it along with the other products in Amrita's skin care system: facial hydrosol mists, skin cremes and masks.

  • With fingertips, gently spread a hazelnut-sized amount on face after morning and evening cleansing, with a particularly light touch around the delicate eye area. For the greatest effect, you may like to let it absorb into your skin overnight. If using during the day, use a tissue to remove any excess before applying other makeup. To maintain product purity, try and avoid touching the Healing Facial Serum dropper.

  • Thirteen potent herbs have been extracted in vegetable glycerin. Antibacterial Echinacea heals, prevents blemishes and improves skin tone. Calendula is believed to be anti-aging as well as healing. Gotu Kola promotes skin health, and Ginseng is a rejuvenating anti-oxidant. Spike Lavender essential oil is thought to have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic qualities and is used to heal infections. Lemon balances sebum production to help heal and prevent acne. Forest Mint is antibacterial and detoxifies the skin.


    Herbs in Kosher Vegetable Glycerin: Burdock, Dandelion, Echinacea, Licorice, Alfalfa, Calendula, Comfrey, Gotu Kola, Horsetail, Sage, Yarrow, Ginseng, Turmeric; Spike Lavender, Forest Mint and Lemon Essential Oils.

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