Aromatherapy Ball Diffuser


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Application Method

The Amrita Ball plugs into an electrical outlet and gently diffuses aromatherapy essential oils by warming them slightly. After placing 10 drops (maximum) of an essential oil or blend on the stiff rectangular cotton pad, insert the pad into the slot on the ball.

After five minutes, your essential oil will diffuse up to three hours in an area up to 500 square feet. The Amrita Ball is an inexpensive, convenient way to diffuse essential oils and is especially useful when traveling. Includes 10 reusable cotton pads. Replacement pads are available.

What a great traveling companion!

The Amrita Ball Diffuser allows you to use a few drops of essential oils to freshen up any room by warming essential oils slightly. The diffuser comes with 10 absorbent cards to which you apply a few drops of oil. After five minutes, you will notice the difference!

How to Use:

  1. Put up to 10 drops of the essential oil or blend on the stiff rectangular cotton pad.
  2. Insert the pad into the slot on the ball.
  3. Plug Ball Diffuser into an outlet.
  4. Before changing essential oils, make sure to unplug unit and allow it to cool to remove the pad. Wipe the Ball Diffuser with rubbing alcohol and let it dry completely before adding a new filled pad.

Note: Due to the rate of diffusion from the heat, you may need to adjust the amount of essential oil accordingly. Essential oils should only be added by adults not children.