New Organic Lavender, Melissa And Neroli Hydrosols

New Organic Lavender, Melissa And Neroli Hydrosols

Apr 21st 2021

Posted by Stephanie Chambers

by Stephanie Chambers

After a careful search for good quality suppliers, Amrita Aromatherapy now stocks Organic Lavender Hydrosol, Organic Melissa Hydrosol and Organic Neroli Hydrosol, in addition to Organic Rose Hydrosol and Organic Frankincense Hydrosol.

Hydrosols are produced during the steam distillation of essential oils. They are 100% pure and natural. The water-attracted (hydrophilic) compounds of the plant remain in the distillation water. They embody all the benefits and therapeutic properties of the essential oil, hydrate the skin and are particularly recommended for sensitive skin.

Organic Lavender Hydrosol has a slightly different aroma than normal Lavender Essential Oil because it only contains the water-attracted compounds of the lavender. It is cooling in nature and ideal for most skin types. Like most types of lavender, it has healing and rejuvenating qualities for your skin. It can also be sprayed on mild burns and minor cuts and scars. Lavender is also said to be good for sore muscles. Some find it temporarily alleviates stress and anxiety symptoms. You may also like to try spraying it on your skin or on your pillow before bed to help you sleep.

Organic Melissa Hydrosol (lemon balm) also has a slightly different scent to that of Melissa Essential Oil because it too only contains the water-attracted components of the plant. Like Melissa Essential Oil, it’s said to help regulate the digestive system, relieve cramps, reduce flatulence and stimulate the gall bladder and liver. Traditionally, Melissa oil is said to promote sensitivity and intuition and to help us find inner contentment by strengthening the "wisdom of the heart."

Organic Neroli Hydrosol has an appealing scent although different to Neroli Essential Oil. Like Neroli Essential Oil, it is both sensual and spiritual in its effect.

Having the oils available in hydrosol form makes them easier to use. No dilution is necessary. You can just spray them on! So, why not give them a try? If you have already used them, please let us know what you use them for by commenting below.

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Original Published: 2016-01-07 / Last Modified: 2021-10-11