Product Spotlight: Angelica Root

Product Spotlight: Angelica Root

Apr 2nd 2024

Posted by Dr. Christoph Streicher and Linda J.

Have you been wondering how to address your sense of the winter blahs? Something that will give you added energy and sparkle during the dark times of the year (and the difficult times in our lives)?

Angelica Root is a ray of sunlight that will lighten your spirit by gently relieving your body of the wear and tear we all experience over the years. It offers a doorway to your inner, angelic self.*

What is Angelica Root? Why has it been so important throughout the years?

It’s natural to believe in a plant whose Latin binomial is Angelica archangelica, or Angel-like. With its grounding and fortifying qualities, Angelica Root is ideal for human angels here on Earth.* Thisbiennial herb grows up to 8 feet tall and is a key component of Nordic folk medicine. Looking somewhat like a space-age daisy, it has globe-like clusters of pale green flowers, and sweetly scented stems and roots. Its aroma is completely different from its neighbors such as FennelCaraway, or Anise; it is earthy, musky, and slightly peppery, with a quiet undertone of citrus. Because of this delightful, subtle aroma, you will find this scent in some perfumes and cosmetics, too.

Angelica Root’s use as a medicinal and culinary herb began in the 10th century, and it was a favorite of the indigenous Samí peoples of Scandinavia from the 12th century onwards. It is traditionally used in cooking, or in distilled liqueurs, such as gin and aquavit. The bright green hollow stems are sometimes candied and eaten as sweets. Angelica Root grows wild in Finland, Denmark, and Norway as well as in Russia. While today it is cultivated throughout the world, including in Asia, Amrita is proud to offer Angelica Root from some of Europe’s richest soils: from farms in Hungary’s ancient Carpathian Basin.

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Gifts from Angelica Root

Did you know that Angelica Root is related to Dong Quai and Ginseng? It contains plant compounds (phyto-chemicals) that reduce anxiety, as well as decrease inflammation and attack fungus.* Considered fortifying, comforting, and calming, Angelica Root is a plant medicine with a rich history of healing.* Useful for female hormonal issues, it should not be used during pregnancy or while nursing.* Angelica Root can dispel fatigue, alleviate panic attacks, stimulate lymphatic drainage, reduce cellulite and water retention, combat asthma, and serve as a tonic for a variety of digestive problems.* A legend from Europe’s Middle Ages tells of a monk who learned from a dream that Angelica Root could combat the bubonic plague!* Angelica Root has been regarded as a detoxifying agent since those times, as well as for alleviating rheumatism (inflammation of the joints).* However, the therapeutic principle is in the root, from where the essential oil is distilled. The essential oil, therefore has a grounding quality, it is in particular good for people: who want to ground angelic energy or people who lack grounding because they carry too much angelic quality.

Modern research continues to reveal the mysteries of Angelica Root’s compounds, with special attention to the terpenes: alpha-pinene (also found in rosemary and other aromatic plants) and ß-phellandrene. Of special interest for those concerned about dangerous inflammation (and the detoxification needed to combat it) is ɑ-pinene.* Systemic inflammation has been linked to cancer, pancreatitis and brain disorders.* Research is beginning to indicate that ɑ-pinene may suppress inflammation related to a variety of diseases.* It can also be used as an anti-microbial, or even as an anti-biotic.* If you would like to read more about how ɑ-pinene works, click here.

ß-phellandrene, is one of the other fascinating terpenes found in Angelica Root (it has approx. 80 compounds overall!). Like ɑ-pinene, is associated with Angelica Root’s pleasing scent. But on a deeper level, this phyto-chemical can both increase and balance your energy, and even act as a mild pain-reliever.* When you use Amrita’s Angelica Root Essential Oil, you will experience the purity of this plant in a powerful way. Let’s explore how you can use this time-honored remedy to benefit you and your family!

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Uses of the wonderful Angelica Root

The anti-inflammatory qualities of Angelica Root both soothe and inspire.* Let this wonderful essential oil lead you into greater health, through its detoxifying and calming properties.* This oil can be diffused, inhaled, and applied topically to problem areas or in a restorative whole-body massage. Note: Angelica Root Essential Oil is very phototoxic!* No sun exposure for at least 8 hours after application.*

  • Whole Body Massage Application: up to 2-3% dilution
    • In a whole body massage application, Angelica Root is sure to regenerate your sense of ease.* For a dilution of up to 2-3%, add 40 drops to a 2 oz bottle of carrier oil such as Jojoba or Apricot Kernel, and feel your troubles slip away on a cleansing breeze.* A word of warning: Angelica Root can react negatively to sunlight, so please wait 6 hours after applying to enjoy direct sun.*
  • Overall Topical Application: 3-5% dilution
    • Escape into an ancient European forest where Angelica Root grows wild beneath a canopy of towering trees. Transmute this energy into your skin with direct, intuitive application of this oil to where you need it!* Add 10-25 drops of Angelica Root Oil blended with two ounces of Jojoba (or the Amrita carrier oil of your choice) for soothing relief from toxins.
  • Diffusion / Inhalation Application: add a few drops to a Nebulizer or Nasal Inhaler
    • Diffusion and Inhalation are trusted ways to benefit from Angelica Root on-the-go. Just a few drops in a nebulizing diffuser should help relieve anxiety, reduce fatigue, and leave you feeling refreshed!*

Angelica Root and its healing helpers

Well-loved and trusted down the centuries, Angelica Root blends well with other healing essential oils. Blending small amounts of essential oils with a carrier oil such as Jojoba is a great way to get maximum healing benefits from the plant compounds found in Amrita’s oils!

You could try a grounding blend of Angelica RootCypress, and Patchouli, or a more relaxing blend of Angelica RootCedar Atlas, and Helichrysum.* For cleansing, try Angelica RootPalmarosa, and Juniper Berry.* Using your intuition to experiment with blending a variety of essential oils is a great way to develop your aromatherapy skills!

Here are some DIY recipes for you to try in your nebulizer:


Final thoughts from the Amrita Experts

Angelica Root Essential Oil from Amrita brings you an amazing dose of healing with just a few drops, inhaled, applied topically, or diffused in your home.* Its known benefits stretch back centuries and traditionally bring relief to aches, pains, fungal infections, and digestive upset, as well as providing a sense of grounding and ease.* Scientific research now indicates it can also help fight inflammation, promoting not only robust health but greater longevity as well!* Support your own inner angel with the comfort you’ll find in Angelica Root!

Happy Blending!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.