Essential Oils For Inflammation

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Chamomile Oil, German CO2

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Short Description

  • Relieves discomfort
  • Calms nerves
  • Soothes skin

  • Certified Organic German Blue Chamomile has the gentle strength of a loving grandmother, calming both upset stomachs & upset emotions.

    Soothing and anti-inflammatory, it makes the skin glow& the hair shine.

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    About the Plant

    Additional Information

    SKU EO3151
    Other Names Chamomile, German C02 Essential Oil (Matricaria chamom) - USDA Certified Organic - Unadulterated - Premium Therapeutic Quality Oils
    Farming Method Certified Organic
    Plant Part Blossom
    Country of Origin Germany
    Application Method Bath, Diffusion, Topical
    Scientific Name Matricaria chamom.
    Description Certified Organic German Chamomile CO2 essential oil calms both upset stomachs and upset emotions. Beauty products infused with German Chamomile CO2 become soothing, anti-inflammatory treatments that make the skin glow and hair shine.

    Therapeutic Benefits

    The CO2 version of German Chamomile is a thick, brown-green, spicy-scented essential oil. People who are used to the steam-distilled version at first wonder what this is all about. The deep blue color of the steam-distilled oil comes from chamazulene, an anti-inflammatory substance that is not present in the plant itself. However, the CO2-extracted oil is an even thicker essential oil than the steam-distilled, with more of a greenish hue and a milder scent. It is much more anti-inflammatory than the steam-distilled version. Its chemical composition is even more effective for treating skin conditions than steam-distilled German Blue Chamomile. It is considered a superior quality of German Chamomile Essential Oil. For further details, see the section “Dr. Streicher Says.”

    While Roman Chamomile is mainly antispasmodic and has a much more pleasant scent, and therefore is more suitable for diffusion, German Chamomile’s predominant feature is its powerful anti-inflammatory quality. It is also muscle-relaxing. Naturally, the oil lends itself to Massage and Topical Application.

    Following is a list of conditions German Chamomile CO2 addresses by category.

    Nervous system: Anger, anxiety, frustration, irritability, migraine, panic, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), restlessness and stress.Digestive system: Dyspepsia, colic, indigestion, nausea.

    Skin care: Bruises, psoriasis, eczema, rashes, boils, chickenpox, dermatitis, acne, allergic reactions, burns, cuts, wounds, insect bites, toothache, teething pain, sensitive skin.

    Musculoskeletal system: Gout, back pain, muscle soreness, arthritis, rheumatism, muscle spasms and cramps, neuralgia, inflammation, sciatica, bursitis, sprains.

    Reproductive system: Menstrual difficulty, menstrual irregularity, PMS.

    Respiratory system: Hay fever, allergies.


    How To Use

    For use on the skin (topical use), dilute up to 3% in jojoba or hazelnut oil. For reference, 2% is approximately 1 teaspoon (5ml) of essential oil per 1 cup (250ml) of carrier oil, or about 10 drops essential oil to a tablespoon (15 ml) of carrier oil. For acute asthma attacks, you may use 5-10% dilution.

    Teething children: Local Applicaton. Dilute and apply gently to baby’s cheeks.
    Colicky babies: Local Application. Dilute and apply gently to the abdomen. 
    Skin abrasions or inflammation: Skin Rinse. Add a few drops to a sink full of water and use this water to cleanse skin.
    Hay fever and allergies: Diffusion. Note: German Chamomile does not work in the nebulizer.
    Aggression: Diffusion or Topical Application on heart and chest area.
    Anxiety: Diffusion, Topical Application on heart and chest area, or Aromatic Bath.
    Menstrual pain: Topical Application on affected areas.
    Muscle cramps and musculoskeletal system issues: Topical Application on affected areas.
    Psoriasis and eczema: Topical Application on affected areas.
    Bursitis: Topical Application on affected areas
    Appetite loss: Diffusion, Topical Application on abdominal area or Aromatic Bath.
    Rashes, boils, chickenpox, dermatitis: Topical Application

    Note: Depending on the climate, CO2 essential oils can sometimes not be liquid at room temperature. If this is the case, simply run the closed bottle underneath water from the hot water tap for a couple of minutes in order to liquefy it. Please be careful not to burn yourself with the hot water. Alternatively you can slowly lower the bottle into a saucepan of boiling water for a couple of minutes, but be careful not to burn yourself or to let the bottle touch the bottom of the saucepan.

    Safety Precautions

    German Chamomile CO2 is one of the mildest oils available in aromatherapy. It is safe to use during pregnancy and even with babies (don’t overdose of course). However, it has caused contact dermatitis in a small number of individuals. If using with very sensitive skin, try it properly diluted on a small spot first. 



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