Rose Hydrosol

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  • Rose Hydrosol: From Bulgaria, home of the famous Rose Valley, comes this 100% pure, natural hydrosol -- embodying all the subtle benefits of precious Rose Otto Essential Oil. Thousands of organic rose blossoms are steam distilled to create a fragrant, healing liquid. It is used as a nourishing, hydrating ingredient in facial cleansers, masks, lotions and creams and as a firming facial toner or refreshing body spray after your bath. Be creative! You will find many other uses for this magnificent gift of nature.

  • Uplifting - to both the facial skin and the psyche

    Balancing - great for both dry and oily skin; helps tighten pores and fight wrinkles

    Gentle - useful for sensitive skin and dermatitis

    Stimulating - heightens blood flow

    Pure - no preservatives, additives or synthetic ingredients

    Heart-Opening - heals the emotions and brings down blocks and barriers

  • Hydrosols are produced during the steam distillation of essential oils. The water-soluble compounds of the plant remain in the distillation water. These gentle waters have many therapeutic properties; they balance the skin’s pH, soothe irritated skin, promote an even skin tone, and hydrate the skin. They are particularly recommended for sensitive skin.

  • Beauty equals beautiful skin. Amrita's facial care system brings together years of experience in aromatherapy, herbalism, Ayurveda and skin care. The Amrita approach is to encourage the skin to maintain a balanced production of elastin, collagen and all the other substances necessary for its health.

    All of Amrita's skin care products wake up the skin's natural intelligence so that it can normalize and balance itself. Each product in our skin care line works synergistically with the others to encourage a supple, glowing and balanced complexion.

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