Vetiver Perfume

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  • Certified Organic Vetiver Perfume: Vetiver has a long standing tradition of use in perfumery. Its grounding, earthy scent takes the edge off, restoring mental clarity and physical vitality in times of exhaustion.

  • Earthy, rich and luscious, the sweet scent of Vetiver can be overpowering for some, as it is an intense reminder of one’s sexuality. It has a grounding effect on the root chakra, which is why traditional yogic texts recommended meditating on a mat made of Vetiver grass. The yogis understood that spiritual ascension is only possible when the lower part of the body is relaxed.

    As a roll-on perfume, Vetiver can provide a nourishing, centering and stabilizing experience. Its influence is somewhat like lying down under a tree or walking barefoot in soft, dewy grass. Applying Vetiver is restorative at times when physical or mental exhaustion leave you depleted and you may even begin to feel jumpy, irritable or mentally scattered.

    Vetiver’s soothing embrace restores your deep connection to Mother Earth. This inner strength is always available to us, but with life’s pressures, demands and constant distractions, our connection to the earth element is something that has to be periodically re-established. Vetiver perfume is a godsend for these moments when you need to call upon the nourishing, restorative strength of Mother Earth.

  • Apply to pulse points, behind ears, behind knee and elbow joints and along frontal line.

  • Ingredients

    Certified Organic Jojoba Oil, Certified Organic Essential Oil of Vetiver and Vitamin E.  

    Vetiver oil is distilled from the roots of a tall perennial grass. It has been revered for centuries in India, where it is utilized for its nourishing and centering qualities. In Sri Lanka it is called “Aroma of Tranquility”.

    Its distinctive warm and smoky scent is said to get better as it ages. Vetiver is an important base-note constituent acting as a rich fixative for many perfumes.

    Jojoba oil has a neutral scent and is very absorbable by the skin, making it ideal for diluting essential oils for topical use. It also prevents rancidity, providing essential oil products a long shelf life.

    Vitamin E is a natural preservative, containing antioxidant and skin nourishing properties.

  • "This line of sublime organic perfumes is Amrita’s response to a market full of synthetic fragrance oils. Exotic names like Egyptian Sandalwood, Lilac, Green Tea, Mango, Freesia and Apple Blossom refer to synthetic products. Either these scents cannot be produced by natural extraction or their extraction is completely cost prohibitive. Amrita’s position is that these synthetics pose considerable risks to one's immune system, endocrine system and nervous system."

    - Dr. Christoph Streicher

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