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Jasmine Perfume Organic

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According to aromatherapy author Gabriel Mojay, “Jasmine is most applicable for the kind of depression that results from unconscious restraint and repression-an approach to life-based on values discordant with the individual soul and its true desires.”

Indeed, the heart's true nature is to be expansive, blissful, inspiring, and nurturing. Using Jasmine as a perfume supports living a life that honors one's heart. Jasmine's euphoric, intoxicatingly pleasurable aroma helps remove the inhibitions that restrict the heart's natural desire to lead with love.

  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Uplifting and Eases Emotional Stress
  • Connects Sexuality with Heart and Spirit

Certified Organic Jasmine Perfume is made from Jasmine Absolute. Jasmine's euphoric, intoxicatingly pleasurable aroma sends a wave of love through one's heart, releasing inhibitions so emotions can flow freely and naturally. This perfume enlivens joy and intimacy.

Apply to pulse points, behind ears, behind knee and elbow joints and along frontal line. (The frontal line runs from the heart area upwards and downwards. It extends from the front of the neck to below the abdomen, parallel to the spine.)

One enchantingly sweet waft of Jasmine can reconnect us with the joy of life. The amazing emotional benefits of Jasmine can be instantly life-changing, particularly for people who have gotten stuck doing things motivated by mere obligation, forgetting about what makes their hearts sing.

Jasmine is said to help women overcome mood swings, depression, and irritability, replacing these emotions with sensuality and joy. Almost magically, Jasmine is able to send an inspiring breeze of love through one's heart. The heart rejoices as if overflowing with all it has been deprived of while under the heavy load of overwork and nervous exhaustion.

Jasmine accomplishes the beautiful work of opening the heart while harmonizing it with power and physical intimacy. Jasmine connects the heart center with the power center-the third chakra-which is responsible for translating the heart's desires into actions, helping to eliminate inner conflict. It harmonizes power issues in relationships.

Jasmine also connects the energy center of the heart with the second chakra, the origin of sexuality, helping heartfelt emotions to flow freely and naturally through the act of physical love and intimacy.


  • Certified Organic Clear Jojoba Oil
  • Certified Organic Jasmine Grandiflorum Essential Oil
  • Certified Organic Jasmine Sambac Essential Oil
  • Non-GMO Vitamin E


Additional Information:

  • Jasmine Essential Oil is a sweet, floral, heady aphrodisiac extracted from star-shaped flowers of an evergreen vine. The exhilarating, uplifting aroma of Jasmine relieves excess pressures and burdens of the heart. It powerfully dissolves the barriers and restrictions that sabotage intimacy.
  • Clear Jojoba Oil has no scent on its own and is very absorbable by the skin, making it ideal for diluting essential oils for topical use. It also prevents rancidity, providing essential oil products longer shelf life.
  • Non-GMO Vitamin E is a natural preservative, containing antioxidant, and skin-nourishing properties.