Videos on how to use essential oils

Lady reading book while walking in flowersWatch the videos on this page to learn more about aromatherapy and using essential oils. You may also like to see our other videos, blends and medical articles via the Learn more about aromatherapy page.

How to use essential oils videos:

 Why use essential oils?

• How do you use essential oils?

 How can I use massage to apply essential oils?

• How should you dilute essential oils for massage?

• How can you select the right carrier oil?

• Which body oil should I use?

 How can I use a compress to apply essential oils?

• How can I use a bath or footbath as a way to apply essential oils?

• How can I do an inhalation as a way to apply essential oils?

How can you diffuse essential oils?

• Which type of diffuser should I buy?

• Why are Amrita's nebulizers better than other nebulizers?

 How should I take care of my nebulizing diffuser?


How should I take care of my nebulizing diffuser?

We are still in the process of filming this video. We will be adding the video text below shortly.

Note: If you change essential oils frequently, instead of cleaning the glass of the nebulizer each time, you may want to buy 1 or 2 additional glasses. Then you can simply switch the tubing when you want to run another oil.


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