Benzoin Resinoid Essential Oil, 50%

Benzoin Resinoid Essential Oil ( Styrax benzoe) - Farmed - Unadulterated - Premium Therapeutic Quality Oils

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  • Benzoin Resinoid Essential Oil (50%) lends its appetizing aroma and warm, drying properties to body products, cosmetics and perfumes. It is also inhaled and diffused to calm the nervous system and clear respiratory channels.
    Farming MethodConventionally Farmed
    Country of OriginIndonesia
    Plant PartResin
    Scientific NameStyrax benzoe
    Application Method Diffusion, Inhalation, Topical

  • A sticky, cocoa colored resin with a balsamic odor, Benzoin is an essential ingredient in many cosmetics and perfumes. Benzoin has the special ability to keep cosmetics from spoiling due to its antioxidant effects.

    The pleasant, deeply comforting scent excels as a base note in perfumery, holding blends together. Benzoin is cleansing and healing to the skin, clears congestion when inhaled, and reduces inflammation when applied topically. As a beauty treatment, it is desirable for its reputation in preserving youthful skin and soothing skin problems. 

    Below is a list of benefits that Benzoin provides by category:

    Respiratory System: Throat Infection, Coughs, Bronchitis, Asthma.
    Facial Care: Diminished Elasticity, Rough Skin, Dryness.
    Skin Problems: Wounds, Scars, Cuts, Skin Inflammation, Irritation.
    Nervous System: Depression, PMS, Stress, Irritability, Anxiety.

  • Here is how to use Benzoin Resinoid essential oil for various conditions:

    Dilution requirements:

    Topical Application for localized use on the skin: Dilute up to 3-4% (15-20 drops per tablespoon of carrier oil). See precautions below.

    Topical Application for whole body massage: Dilute up to 2% (10 drops per tablespoon of carrier oil). See precautions below.

    Aromatic Bath: Dilute in bath salts or milk or similar before adding to a full bath. See precautions below.


    • Throat Infection, Coughs, Bronchitis, Asthma: Direct Inhalation.
    • Wounds and Scars: Topical Application, repeated over time.
    • Facial Skin: Add to cosmetic products.
    • Irritated, Inflamed or Dry Skin: Topical Application.
    • Depression, PMS, Stress, Irritability, Anxiety: Diffusion, Whole Body Massage, Aromatic Bath (with an emulsifier).

    • Safety Precautions:

      Non-toxic and non-irritant, however it may cause sensitization in some individuals, so be sure to always dilute when applying on the skin. 

  • Traditional Uses: 

    Benzoin has traditionally been a key ingredient in incense, perfumes, and Chinese medicine. The ancient people of Tropical Asia believed that burning it cleansed the atmosphere of illness and “evil spirits”. It has also been used throughout history to correct skin problems. 

    About the Plant:

    The Benzoin tree grows in the tropics, displaying light green citrus-shaped leaves and a fruit with a hard shell similar to nutmeg. It can grow up to 70 feet tall.

    Where it Grows:  

    Benzoin is native to tropicalAsia.


    Styracaceae – Styrax Family

  • After extraction, benzoin is a rock solid substance and needs to be diluted for application.  It is commonly diluted with di-propylene glycol, a synthetic substance. Amrita’s benzoin is diluted 50% with triacetine, a food quality compound which is the triple ester of glycerin.


  • Scent: Benzoin has a rich, sweet balsamic, incense-like aroma with the sensual accent of vanilla.

    Blends With: Balsam, Frankincense, Jasmine, Lemon, Myrrh, Rose, Sandalwood.

    Fragrance Note: Base.

    Composition: Coniferyl benzoate, benzoic acid, vanillin, siaresinolic acid, cynnamyl benzoate.

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