Holiday Shopping Guide

Holiday Shopping Guide

Dec 17th 2023

Posted by Dr. Christoph Streicher and Samantha A.

Every year, you think about the “perfect” gift for everyone who has touched your life. And maybe you get it right or fall just a little short. What does the list of people look like? Mom, Dad, brothers and sisters, your children, your friends, or your significant other? This year give them the perfect gift by introducing them to aromatherapy.

First up: Mom


Maybe you have the same issue where you never know what she is going to ask for this year. Could it be a year where she would ask for a simple card that said “I love you”? Or is it a year where she would have a laundry list of tasks to do around the house? Maybe you’ll get lucky and have to replace an appliance because it is older than you!

This year, it may be better to give her the gift she always has given: self-care. Self-care for her could be anything to help her allergies, give her peace of mind, or ease her through the “womanly life change”. For these concerns, Dr. Streicher suggests these products: Blissful Balance, Allergy Ease, and A Woman's Balance.

Next up: Dad

While Mom may be about the gift coming from the heart, Dad, on the other hand, may be more practical. Did ever he send you money with a card that read, “Use it where you need it the most.”? Yep, this definitely more practical…thanks Dad!

It’s hard to shop for someone who has everything…or never wants anything in return. What’s an easy situation? Repay him with the gift of health and vitality.
Maybe he struggles with his cravings that he could never overcome, his physical pain from working all the time, or his heart that was three sizes too small to love everyone in his life. Again, Dr. Streicher to the rescue! This time he suggests: Muscle Tension, Quit Craving, and Cardiovascular Health.

Then: Siblings and Best Friends

Then, there are your siblings and your best friends. Who are bound to be ALL very different! Some of them may live in the nearby, while others may have moved away. There is never the “perfect” gift for them because your lives are so different. Some years, you might have done an ugly sweater exchange or a white elephant gift. Other years may have been simpler by doing money or gift cards because you had grown so far apart.

What do you get someone that you barely know anymore? Dr. Streicher grins and gives the best advice, “Give them a blessing. Give them something to help their well-being.” He suggests you give them each a bundle of Amrita’s more popular products like:


And we can't forget the kiddos!

Now, you can’t forget the children…but in reality, this part would be more to give yourself a peace of mind. Maybe you struggle with issues like getting them to focus on homework, getting them to sleep at a decent hour, or having tantrums thrown in a public place like Walmart or the family holiday dinner. What can you do in these situations? You can control a lot of your being through diet and exercise, but you isolate the symptoms and triggers you can deescalate each problem into an easy and manageable solution.

You may be stressed and frazzled, but Dr. Streicher understands and gives the best advice, “You are doing the best anyone could ask for.” Dr. Streicher suggests a solution for each problem:

  • SYN mental acceleration diffused in the family room for when they need to focus on homework
  • a blend of essential oils in a nebulizer to make their room into a haven of tranquility
  • ROR stress free for when you are traveling and the frustrations start to take over

Don't forget...your significant other!

Lastly, your significant other…or maybe they are really your “partner in crime”. You both may know what the other wants without words needing to be exchanged. An example could be the stinky socks that never seem to get clean enough from the wash…or the underwear that has holes big enough to throw a cat through it!

What do you get for someone that doesn’t see the power behind aromatherapy? That is a hard one! Dr. Streicher suggests you have the hardest conversation with they and ask, “Why do you not believe in aromatherapy?” They may surprise you with the answer.

Personally, I had to have this conversation with my partner. He replied, “because it never has worked for me.” I went back to Dr. Streicher and told him what my partner said. With a smile, Dr. Streicher said, “that is because he isn’t using the correct blends that would work for him.” Dr. Streicher worked with me to make a routine using TE body regen and TE joint ease that have helped dissolve the chronic pain my partner has had since I met him over 15 years ago.

Overall, it is amazing what aromatherapy can do for you and your loved ones; especially with the knowledge from Dr. Streicher and the Amrita experts. Your love and support over the last 30 years has helped us strive to grow and the Amrita family cannot thank you enough. Wishing you Happy Holidays and a joyful New Year from us to all of you!

See you in 2024.