How to Thrive Following a Time Shift from Daylight Savings Time

How to Thrive Following a Time Shift from Daylight Savings Time

Mar 13th 2023

Posted by Dr. Christoph Streicher and Linda J.

“Spring Forward, Fall Back.” After the multiplication tables, this saying was one of the more useful things I memorized in elementary school. It made me think of Easter, with all those sweet furry bunnies hopping into Spring. But why did we do it, anyway? It made the beginnings of Spring rather odd, standing in the dark to catch the school bus. Of course, we enjoyed the sunshine later in the warm evenings, playing on lawns, listening to crickets. Daylight Savings Time (DST) reminded us that Summer was on the way, with its road trips, sunburns, and dancing fireflies.

Who knew that we were part of a great, ongoing experiment in adjusting to Father Time?

Before DST there were Time Zones, established across the United States in the late 1800’s by the folks who brought us safer train transportation, as time zones helped prevent train crashes. Then, during World War I, this same Interstate Commerce Commission established Daylight Savings Time to conserve fuel for the war effort. If the sun shines later into the evening, there is less need for electric light, right?

Beginning in 1966, the practice of Daylight Savings Time was implemented nationwide. Some states have elected to practice perpetual DST, which gives them more sunshine year-round. Or, better said, more hours of light later into the working day, equaling (in theory) more productivity.

But there are problems found in tinkering with Father Time. Studies have shown that DST doesn’t necessarily reduce energy usage, prevent crime, or increase commerce. And the shift we make each year, going from Standard Time to DST, can be stressful to humans’ circadian rhythms and hence, overall health.*

The week after we innocently spring forward into more sunshine, research has shown a spike in heart attacks (up by 24%) and car crashes (up by 6%). All of us losing that one hour of sleep on a Sunday in March can cause circadian chaos: slowed metabolism, weight gain, cluster headaches and depression.*

Let Amrita Aromatherapy come to your rescue!

It’s all about sleep health. When DST begins, our internal clock is out of sync with the sun. Sleep disruption can result, and this jolts several delicate processes involving mental and physical health.*

Let's welcome Lavender Extra, Red Mandarin, Sweet Marjoram, and Roman Chamomile Essential Oils into your life! They are superheroes of sleep health. They calm your body and spirit, reduce anxiety (our common response to stress), and give you the ability to simply take a peaceful breath.*

Whether organically farmed or wild-crafted, Lavender Extra from the sunny fields of France or Bulgaria has an age-old reputation for calming and cleansing the spirit.* It also has a well-earned reputation for assisting in restful sleep, thus curing dreadful insomnia.* You can place a few drops on a piece of cloth and place it on your pillow, add it to a diffuser in your bedroom, or mix it into one of Amrita’s organic carrier oils for a massage before bed. This can mean just applying lavender in an oil to your temples, neck and chest.

You may want to try a pre-blended oil, Amrita’s Calming and Regenerating Body Oil, which mixes Lavender and Red Mandarin in luscious oils of Almond, Hazelnut, and Apricot Kernel. This blend helps balance out the bumpiness of anxiety and promote a brighter state of mind.*

Another well-known remedy for insomnia include the lovely aroma of Sweet Marjoram. Sweet Marjoram is another magical essential oil that promotes healthy sleep, reduces blood pressure and eases muscle pain.* Blend this with a simple carrier oil to make a topical massage blend perfect for a nighttime routine.

The next superpower essential oil to welcome into your medicine cabinet during the beginning of Daylight Savings Time is Roman Chamomile. First cultivated in the 16th century, it is used to relieve anxiety, restlessness, and muscle spasms.* Like a nice fresh cup of Chamomile tea before bed, but much more potent, this is your go-to essential oil for promoting an overall sense of calm.*

What Do the Amrita Experts Suggest as the Best for Surviving the Transition?

Amrita’s Sleep Bundle may be the best for surviving the transition of “spring forward.” Let the components of Sleep Bundle soothe you like a lullaby: the Tri-Essence Power Blend Tranquil Sleep, the wonderful concoction created by Amrita’s Founder Dr. Streicher, PhD. and Lilli Botchis PhD, a leading researcher in Herbology. This tonic will make restful sleep a breeze, easy and refreshing.* Take a spoonful or two before bed. Next place several drops of the Organic Synergy Blend Deep Rest into your diffuser and / or into a small amount of carrier oil, applied to your pulse points. Give the oil you’ve blended or the diffuser you’ve filled an extra boost with small amounts of Sweet Marjoram and Lavender, trusted friends in the crusade for a good night’s sleep.*

Final Thoughts from the Amrita Experts

To enjoy the seasons, and your life, sleep is key. Without healthy rest, being in tune with the cycles of the sun and earth, so many pleasures in life are tantalizingly out of reach.* Wisely used, plants have always been a friend to humans.* Amrita brings the distilled intelligence of these healing plants into our modern lives.

Enjoy those summer evenings. Skinny-dipping and fireflies. Deep rest under the stars. Laughter and ease. Fulfillment and joy. All supported by the healing power of Amrita’s pure essential oils!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.