Product Spotlight: Mastic

Product Spotlight: Mastic

Mar 23rd 2023

Posted by Dr. Christoph Streicher and Chase F.

Once considered one of nature’s rare and mystical offerings, Mastic is a delightful substance which is truly fit for royalty! Reserved in the ancient past for only the highest echelons of the elite classes, it is now more widely available and well understood throughout the modern world. It is recognized these days as a provider of physical and emotional relief through its pleasant, earthy aroma, as well as containing a plethora of other health benefits. Nature’s gift of Mastic is indeed a blessing to humanity… a gift that you are sure to treasure! iLet’s discover why…

What is Mastic? How does it differ from Cape Mastic and Peruvian Mastic?

Mastic (sometimes spelled “mastich”) is a resin excreted by the Pistacia Lentiscus tree, a shrub-like plant that grows in its preferred environment of arid, mountainous terrain among the Mediterranean region and in Northern Africa. Several other trees yield resins which are sometimes referred to as Mastic, including but not limited to, Euryops multifidus, the resin bush — a plant of the aster family which yields a substance called “Cape Mastic” and the Schinus Molle (aka the California Pepper Tree) which makes “Peruvian Mastic.” Neither the “Cape,” the “Peruvian,” nor any other type can yield the same unique benefits, however, as actual bona fide Mastic.

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Sought after for many reasons, Mastic has long been revered for its exquisite properties. Its aroma can be described as earthy, radiant, balsamic, warm, and woody. Notable Greek scholars such as Hippocrates and others would chew Mastic as a gum for digestive issues. Egyptian royalty incorporated the resin as a central ingredient of their ceremonial incense. The Sultan of the Ottoman Empire distributed it to his harem as a breath freshener and cosmetic product, and Roman elites incorporated it into spiced wine. It is even mentioned biblically as an ingredient in the anointing oil “Chism.” What a diverse range of folks have revered Mastic, or “Tears of Chios” for its fine properties over the millennia!

Amrita’s Mastic Essential Oil is derived from the leaves of the tree because this process is much more efficient and sustainable. Mastic is such a precious plant that we need to do everything to ensure the livelihood of the species. Modern knowledge of the therapeutically beneficial compounds contained within the tree has come a long way since its ancient origins of use, as we have since discovered how to acquire the same vital benefits while conserving the source. This ensures that many generations to come will find themselves able to utilize and enjoy Mastic as a vital tool for better living.

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What are the therapeutic benefits of using Mastic?

Mastic Essential Oil is best known to be a lymphatic decongestant.* This oil has vasoconstricting properties that may help reduce the appearance of varicose veins.* It has also been noted that when applied to boils, cuts, or other skin wounds, its inherently astringent, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotic qualities help clean the skin and soothe the symptoms while aiding in healing.* Somewhere along the line it also became clear that Mastic was great for mitigating other bodily pains too, such as those associated with arthritis, tender joints, and sore muscles.* Adding to the list of its impressive qualities, this wonderful gift of nature is also credited with expectorant and diuretic properties which help combat symptoms of congestion, bronchitis, gastric issues, and so much more!*

A vast of array of beneficial qualities are associated with this truly wonderful “diamond in the rough” substance. Perhaps one of Mastic’s earliest noted uses was that of a breath freshener and/or mouth cleaner when chewed as a gum, due to its naturally antimicrobial and antiseptic properties.* That’s why to this day it is often added as an ingredient in toothpastes, as these properties have been confirmed in studies conducted by the Universities of Thessaloniki and Meikai.

Mastic exists as a composition of α- and β-pinenes which contribute to its ability to fight respiratory issues.* This high concentration of monoterpenes also endows it with pain-tackling abilities, allowing it to fight symptoms associated with arthritis or other causes of pain.* Because it is also classified as vasoconstricting, this delightful substance can support circulatory well-being; promoting healthy lymphatic function, making it crucial in aiding the immune system in its duties, while reducing swelling and even mitigating the appearance of varicose veins.* Mastic, with its impressive anti-inflammatory qualities arm it with a vital ability to aid the musculoskeletal system while its antimicrobial, antiseptic, and astringent properties render it a helpful aid for cleaning and purification.*

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How would one use Mastic?

Mastic Essential Oil can be applied utilizing a diverse variety of methods. Apply a properly diluted dose to skin topically to focus on specific skin wounds, areas of pain, or swollen tissues; or use it in a whole body massage to incorporate its beneficial effects within the lymphatic, respiratory, and circulatory systems.* Combine it with your favorite bubble bath mixture for a well-deserved, relaxing wind-down, along with all its other potential benefits. And of course, the rejuvenating effects of Mastic can be enjoyed by diffusing and inhaling its magical essence. Let’s look at how and why each method could be used.

  • Overall Topical Application: 3-5% Dilution
    • Mastic Essential Oil is safe to be applied topically to the skin if it is properly diluted. Focus on areas where joint pain or sore muscles persist to help soothe the aching or tension.* This application will also help support a healthy circulatory system, which can promote robust lymphatic functioning, assist in reduction of swelling, and even decrease the appearance of varicose veins.* You can also use this method to tackle bothersome congestion or relieve pesky symptoms of cold and flu.* Dilution for this method of application should be no more than 3-5% (15-25 drops per tablespoon of any carrier oil).
  • Whole Body Massage: 2% Dilution
    • Another option is to apply a slightly lower concentration of Mastic Essential Oil to the entire body along with a relaxing massage! This method also allows for the essential oil to provide vital circulatory benefits which promote lymphatic function, help reduce swelling, and aid in the decrease of varicose vein appearance while also tackling respiratory issues such as congestion and cold/flu symptoms.* The whole-body massage method can provide a double whammy against pain in the joints and muscles while simultaneously melting away physical and emotional stress.* Dilution for this method can be up to 2% (10 drops per tablespoon of any carrier oil).
  • Aromatic Bath: up to 2% Dilution
    • Perhaps your preferred method of unwinding after a hard day is to treat yourself to a soothing warm bath. Well, why not take it to the next level by adding a bit of Mastic Essential Oil to the mix? Healthy circulation is also promoted by this method, which can lead to a decrease in varicose vein appearance and support for the lymphatic functions (which will help aid the immune system), all while helping to reduce bodily and/or joint swelling.* Aches and pains in the muscles and joints, along with physical and emotional stress will cower to the power of this delightful combo!*
    • As the essence of Mastic combines with the steam of the warm bath, your respiratory system will enjoy potential relief from congestion and symptoms of common colds or even flu!* Proper dilution for this application is up to 10 drops mixed with bath salts or bath milk (no more than 2% dilution) before adding to a full bath. Users should note that if Mastic Essential Oil is improperly stored, it could become oxidized and potentially cause skin sensitization or irritation.
  • Diffusion / Inhalation Application: add a few drops to a Nebulizer or Nasal Inhaler
    • Simply add a few drops of Mastic Essential Oil to a nebulizer or nasal inhaler to maximize its benefits toward the respiratory system. While combatting airborne bacteria, this application method can also help tackle congestion in the sinuses and lungs.* Mastic is certainly an astute choice for battling symptoms associated with colds, flus, or other seasonal illnesses directly and efficiently.* The user may also note that the fresh, piney essence provides a significant sense of physical and emotional relief.* Thrive in your daily life by incorporating this truly majestic substance into your daily regimen!

What would blend well with Mastic?

The piney, aromatic essence of Mastic Essential Oil blends quite well with Black Pepper and Clary Sage when mental energy and bodily rejuvenation are the desired effects. Coupled with Copaiba, Mastic is downright copasetic — thus, making this blend a great combo for combatting anxiety, easing tense muscles, and mitigating pain!* It also blends well Cypress and Juniper Berry, finding itself right at home with its Mediterranean counterparts as a focused mixture for alleviating respiratory issues.*

Here a few DIY recipes for you to try in your nebulizer:



No longer bound to ancient limitations, royal status is no longer required for any of us to acquire the beautifully transcendent effects of Mastic — though one’s state of personal well-being can certainly be elevated to a truly majestic place with the aid of this magical plant! Soar to great heights as this whimsical plant works its wonders for you every time you summon it. Always at your beck and call, Mastic Essential Oil is patiently standing by, ready and waiting to elevate your mind, body and soul, just as it has done for so many others throughout the ages.

Happy Blending!

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