Product Spotlight: Tangerine

Product Spotlight: Tangerine

Nov 6th 2023

Posted by Dr. Christoph Streicher and Linda J.

From reducing stress to boosting your mood, the power of aromatherapy can be easily underestimated. Tangerine Essential Oil is a great way to reap the benefits of this ancient healing practice. A product of the planet’s sub-tropical regions, Tangerines were originally cultivated in Japan. Exported for 2,000 years via the Silk Road through China, Central Asia, India, Turkey and Italy, Tangerines departed from Tangier, Morocco to Europe and the Americas.

Tangerine is a hybrid of Mandarin (Citrus reticulata) and Bitter Orange (Citrus aurantium). With its delightfully sweet aroma and an array of possible uses, Tangerine Oil is quickly becoming a must-have addition to many households across the world due to its versatility in everyday activities. In this article, Amrita’s experts will explore why Tangerine Essential Oil should be an integral part in your home and how it can help you on your mission for the purest well-being.

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The Healing Power of Tangerine: Why should it be in your daily routine?

Recent research shows that the olfactory enrichment provided by essential oils can create neurogenesis, enlarging the parts of our brains that involve memory and cognition.* This is something that those in the aromatherapy world know well: Direct stimulation of the olfactory bulb, connecting directly to your brain’s limbic system, can enhance your life!* Your limbic system is responsible for processing emotions, the formation and storage of memories, learning and arousal.*

Other sensory systems connect with your brain via the thalamus, which relays signals to the cerebral cortex. Essential oils, however, access the brain directly through that all-important bulb. This superhighway of limbic stimulation has now been shown to reduce (and possibly prevent) deterioration of the brain’s learning and memory capabilities.*

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Diffusing essential oil of Tangerine can produce a mild sedative effect, calming the mind and helping you to fall asleep more quickly.* Add Tangerine Essential Oil to your home apothecary and you will enjoy a sweet night’s sleep.* This wonderful oil produces a calming, sedative effect, perfect for helping us travel to dreamland.*

Tangerine Oil can be diluted in a warm bath (or in a massage oil) to soothe sore muscles and aching joints.* The sweet, citrus scent is uplifting, reducing anxiety and nervous tummy issues, especially in children.* Good for digestion, Tangerine can also fight infection, flatulence (gas), and bloating; it can detoxify tissues, support liver and kidney cleansing and relieve lymph blockage.*

There is the limonene compound found in Tangerine and other citrus oils that serves as a powerful aid in cleansing and purifying the body.* Perhaps most important, this refreshing, bright and pure oil can promote positive moods.* Tangerine reduces anxiety, alleviates depression and promotes a state of equilibrium.* Parents take note: this happy aroma is also especially useful in promoting wellness and confidence in young children.* You and your family will respond beautifully to this wonderful, healing oil! Practical applications include diffusing Tangerine to calm down restless children. You could try it in your car on long road trips, using Amrita’s Dashboard Car Diffuser.

Discover how to add Tangerine to your aromatherapeutic life

It's an old favorite that ushers in the beauty of both elemental and herbal aromas. This versatile essential oil can be diffused into the air or used topically for relaxation, creative inspiration, skin rejuvenation, and much more.* Whether it's as a refreshing bath soak or a massage oil to soothe tight muscles, Tangerine is sure to make even your most trying days just a bit brighter.* The unique properties of this citrusy oil bring invigorating energy with its sweet fragrance while calming undertones keep anxiety at bay.* Let’s explore how you can utilize Tangerine Essential Oil either alone or blended with other oils to maximize its many benefits.

  • Diffusion / Inhalation Application: add a few drops to a Nebulizer or Nasal Inhaler
    • Experience the power of Tangerine Essential Oil through diffusion or inhalation. Just a few drops in a nebulizer or nasal inhaler can do wonders for your well-being. Unlock the potential of this aromatic oil and enjoy its benefits for your nervous system. Tangerine promotes relaxation, aids in combating anxious thoughts, and enhances focus and mental alertness. It even supports restful sleep, helping you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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  • Whole Body Massage or Aromatic Bath Applications: up to 2% Dilution
    • Experience the power of Tangerine in your wellness routine. Whether you're looking for a soothing full body massage or a blissful aromatic bath, Tangerine Oil has got you covered! For a massage, simply dilute Tangerine Oil with a carrier oil at a ratio of 2% (10 drops per tablespoon of carrier oil). This will help you unwind and find relief from anxious thoughts, while also enhancing your focus and promoting a sense of joy.* Plus, it supports a restful night's sleep.*
    • If a relaxing bath is more your style, add Tangerine Oil to bath salts or milk before pouring it into the tub. Remember to dilute up to 2% (no more than 10 drops) for maximum benefits. This aromatic bath will not only deter respiratory conditions, but also ease intestinal discomfort and balance bile content for better digestion.*
    • And that's not all! Tangerine Oil is also a wonder for your hair and skin.* It reduces the appearance of scars, boosts collagen production, and fights against environmental stressors, leaving your hair and skin looking rejuvenated.* Harness the incredible benefits of Tangerine Oil and take your self-care routine to the next level.
  • Overall Topical Application: up to 3-5% Dilution
    • Discover the versatile benefits of Tangerine Essential Oil! Whether you're looking for relaxation, increased focus, or support for your respiratory and digestive systems, Tangerine has you covered.*
    • Not ready to apply it all over your body? No problem! Tangerine can be used as a targeted application. Simply dilute 3-5% in any carrier oil (that's about 15-25 drops per tablespoon of carrier oil) for the perfect blend.
    • Experience the power of Tangerine and enjoy the benefits it provides for your nervous, respiratory, digestive, and integumentary systems. From promoting internal happiness to protecting lung cells, Tangerine is a must-have addition to your wellness routine.* Say goodbye to scars and stretch marks by boosting collagen production and fighting environmental stressors with this uplifting essential oil.*

Can Tangerine be blended with any other essential oil?

As any aromatherapy enthusiast knows, citrus oils are often some of the most powerful and therapeutic scents available. But did you know that combining different citrus oils can enhance their aromatherapeutic benefits? Tangerine Oil is particularly remarkable in this way; it has the ability to combine easily with other citrus essential oils to increase their strengths and deepen their effects. Whether enjoyed alone or blended with another type of oil, Tangerine offers a unique scent profile that delivers amazing results when used for wellness treatments like massage therapy or home spa rituals; there are countless ways that blending various citrus oils can help set a calming ambiance or cheerful atmosphere in any room!

Here are some DIY recipes for you to try in your nebulizer:


Final thoughts from Amrita’s experts about Tangerine

As parents, you are tasked with safeguarding your children's wellbeing. Aromatherapy can be a powerful, natural way to benefit not only yourself, but also your little ones. Tangerine Essential Oil is incredibly versatile and offers countless possibilities for supporting your child’s emotional health and wellness journey — from relaxation and calming nerves to creating an atmosphere of joyfulness.* With its distinct sweet scent and soothing properties backed by centuries of historical use, Tangerine is an age-old remedy helping families cultivate calmness in stressful situations today.* Hopefully, this article gave you ways to support yourself and your child’s self-care routine to help all better thrive in life!*

Happy Blending!

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