Product Spotlight: Turmeric

Product Spotlight: Turmeric

Nov 30th 2023

Posted by Dr. Christoph Streicher and Linda J.

Sometimes in life, we have the pleasant experience of finding out that things we enjoy are actually good for us, in ways we didn’t imagine. Chicken soup, for example, which contains cysteine, an amino acid that aids decongestion and relieves achy muscles.* Or the lovely resveratrol found in red wine, said to promote not just festivity, but also longevity.* And now, exploding onto the health supplement and aromatherapy world in the past few years, Turmeric. This wonderful root, Curcuma longa, used in Indian cooking for centuries, contains the phyto-chemical curcumin. Yes, that familiar and tasty curry is very, very good for you!

As an aromatherapeutic remedy, Amrita’s Turmeric stands out from the rest: sourced from established organic farms in India, Amrita’s Turmeric Oil offers you the essence of this healing plant. You can absorb into your system in a variety of ways, optimizing its benefits. Adding Turmeric Essential Oil to an aromatherapy repertoire can be life-changing. Let’s explore what this means for you and your family!

Turmeric: Not just for curries!

Sometimes called the Indian saffron, Turmeric originated in Southeast Asia and is a member of the Ginger family. The rhizome, or root, of this herbaceous, perennial plant with grass-like leaves and golden yellow flowers. It has been used as a spice and in traditional medicine for 4,000 years! Vedic culture in Indian embraced this bright carrot- colored root as a spice for food and as a medicine but also for decorative and religious purposes.

Curcumin is a phytochemical, a biologically active compound found in the Turmeric plant. In the Mediterranean, China, and India, the horizontal root of Curcuma longa has long been cultivated and revered. It was used to dye Buddhist robes their distinct saffron color, and Indian brides use this dye in the mangala sutra to indicate readiness for marriage and homemaking. Marco Polo first brought Turmeric to Europe, where it was known as the Indian saffron, in the late 13th century. As you can tell, this plant has a lot of history!

Today, Turmeric is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, and can aid in preventing chronic diseases associated with inflammation (think: cancer).* Its anti-oxidant properties can slow the aging process, while it aids in digestion and improves circulation.* Probably the most frequent use of curcumin, in tablet or cream form, is to reduce joint pain.* Turmeric can aid in digestion – when served with coconut milk, for example.* It can also be a powerful detoxifying agent, especially for cleansing the liver.*

Amrita’s Organic Turmeric Oil provides you with the essence of the Curcuma longa plant. Grown following precise organic certification standards in India, steam-distilled by skilled farmers and ready to be deployed! Use it topically or in the bath to ease muscle and joint pain.* Or diffuse it in your home to create a sense of relief from anxiety, exhaustion, and stress.*

Adding Turmeric to your herbal apothecary

Much has been said about Turmeric’s value as an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. Using it regularly, in the ways outlined here, may keep you feeling younger and disease free!*

  • Diffusion / Inhalation Application: add a few drops to a Nebulizer or Nasal Inhaler
    • Experience the power of Turmeric through diffusion or inhalation. Add a small amount to a nebulizer or nasal inhaler and experience relief.* Turmeric can banish anxiety, counteract worry, and promote a sense of warmth and well-being.*
  • Whole Body Massage or Aromatic Bath: up to 2% dilution
    • For a healing full body massage or a de-stressing bath, Turmeric oil is a wonderful choice! Dilute Turmeric Oil with a carrier oil (such as Amrita’s Organic Jojoba Carrier Oil) at a ratio of 2% (10 drops per tablespoon of carrier oil) to make a blend perfect for massaging your whole body. What a wonderful way to feel joint aches and muscle pains simply melt away.* Because you are using an essential oil of Turmeric, instead of powder, you won’t have to be concerned about turning orange!
    • You can also add Turmeric to bath salts, milk, or coconut milk before pouring it into the relaxing bath experience you deserve.* Remember to dilute up to 2% (no more than 10 drops) for maximum benefits. A Turmeric bath will drive away muscle and joint pain and can soothe digestive issues.*
  • Overall Topical Application: up to 3-5% dilution
    • Explore the many benefits of Turmeric Essential Oil! Whether you're looking for relief from join and muscle pain, enhanced tranquility, or to destress and detoxify, Turmeric Oil is an excellent choice!* You can use Turmeric in a more focused way by applying it to specific areas. Either way, dilute 3-5% in a carrier oil (that's about 15-25 drops per tablespoon of carrier oil) for the perfect blend.

What can you blend with Turmeric?

Discovering the ideal combination with Turmeric may seem daunting, but fret not - the knowledgeable team at Amrita is here to assist you! Indulge in a blissful "tea time" by infusing Turmeric with zesty Lemon and Bergamot. Seeking a revitalizing mental boost? Enrich Turmeric with invigorating Peppermint and Sweet Orange. And for a taste of the enchanting Indian Summer, embrace the delightful fusion of Rosemary and Tangerine with Turmeric. Allow your senses to embark on an extraordinary journey with these captivating blends.

Here are some DIY recipes for you to try in your nebulizer:


Final Thoughts from Amrita’s Experts

As an aromatherapy enthusiast, you know that the soothing aromas of essential oils can be used in a variety of ways to improve your mental and physical wellbeing.* Long renowned for its powerful healing properties, Turmeric is becoming an increasingly popular choice among many aromatherapists today. After reading this article, you now know that turmeric – often used as a kitchen spice – is also exceedingly beneficial for relaxation and stress relief.* Yes, this wonderfully aromatic herb has so much more potential than simply adding flavor to your favorite dish! Respected for its ability to soothe inflammation and bring a sense of balance and relaxation to the body, Turmeric can be used as an extremely effective natural remedy — and should be added to your daily aromatherapeutic routine.*

Happy Blending!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.