Ceramic Angel Car Diffuser


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Application Method

This ceramic car diffuser is distinct from other models on the market. It uses the air stream from the fresh heat/air conditioning vent in your car or home for diffusion. By not using heat, it reduces the oxidation of the essential oils. The adorable ceramic angel has a rose-blush hue and comes packaged with simple installation instructions.

A fresh breath for your car!

These carefully crafted ceramics will add a little aromatic thoughtfulness. A hollow in the figurine holds the Essential Oil until the clay absorbs it. Angels have been revered as guardian spirits and guiding influences throughout the ages. May this ceramic Angel delight your senses, gladden your spirits and refresh your daily life.

1. Feed the loop of ribbon in the ceramic angel into the upper opening of your car's ventilation outlet.

2. Form a hook with the enclosed wire and pull the ribbon loop out of the next lower opening.

3. Feed the angel through the loop.

4. Put a few drops of the essential oil on to the arms of the angel diffuser.

5. Before changing essential oils, wipe the angel diffuser with rubbing alcohol and let it dry completely before adding the new essential oil.

Note: The higher you turn the ventilation system fan on, the greater the rate of diffusion will be. Adjust the amount of essential oil accordingly. Essential oils should only be added by adults not children.