Essential Oils For Sleep And Insomnia

Essential Oils have a chemical structure that bind to receptors in the nose from where a signal travels to the olfactory bulbs which send signals directly to the several other parts of the brain. That way they strongly influence the Limbic system and other structures. Memory, mood and emotions are directly affected. In this way, we can see how Essential Oils can strongly influence the mind and body, aiding to decrease stress, relieve tension, and aid in the dreadful, miserable condition known as Insomnia.

While many factors contribute to insomnia including, environmental changes, fear, caffeine, depression and pain or discomfort- stress, anxiety and tensions tend to be the main culprits. While it is always good to look at diet, insomnia can be very successfully treated by Essential Oils alone.

Lavender and Sweet Marjoram: Lavender is the most commonly used EO in treating insomnia. It is famous for its stress-reducing benefits, and can promote deeper, more restful sleep. Similarly, Sweet Marjoram is one of the most calming and stress-relieving oils out there.

Red Mandarin and Mandarin Petitgrain: Mandarin oil is used to soothe restlessness (particularly in hyperactive children) and can be used separate from or blended with the oils mentioned above. While Mandarin (cold pressed form the peal) is much more pleasant, Mandarin Petitgrain (distilled from the leaves) is much more potent, and adding small amount to other calming oils is very effective.

Roman Chamomile: Another phenomenal oil to help treat insomnia, Roman Chamomile, like Mandarin, soothes muscle spasms and eases anxiety. It has both a sedative and uplifting balanced effect, perfect for anxiety induced insomnia.
Amrita Aromatherapy offers USDA organic oils and blends to help with insomnia. Amrita takes great care in selecting natural, pure oils that are responsibly grown and harvested. Use these oils as it suites you best. Alternatively, Amrita offers a number of readymade formulas optimized for best effects.