France - Which Essential Oils Does Amrita Source From Here?

Amrita Aromatherapy sources the following essential oils from France:

Cypress - said to be a vasoconstrictor & to be soothing to the respiratory system

Silver Fir - said to be good for chest colds, bronchitis & asthma

Hyssop Decumbens - said to be soothing for a cold, injury-healing & stomach-settling

Mint Forest - said to be antibacterial & good for acne 

Certified Organic Juniper Alpine - said to clean & purify the air & it is also known to be good for cellulite

Certified Organic Sweet Lavandin - said to be calming, antiseptic & antibacterial

Certified Organic Lavender Extra - said to be fresh, herbal, sweet & floral

Certified Organic Lavender Maillette - said to be preferred for its natural perfume

Lemon Verbena - said to soften the skin & uplift the spirits

Savory - said to stimulate the immune system

• Tarragon - said to stimulate sluggish digestion & to regulate menstrual periods.