Tarragon Essential Oil

Estragon Oil, Little Dragon, Russian Tarragon.

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  • Tarragon Essential Oil has many worthy medicinal properties and is commonly used for digestive and menstrual concerns. As a widely used culinary herb, Tarragon has a delicious, distinctive taste and aroma.
    Farming MethodConventionally Farmed
    Country of OriginFrance
    Plant PartBlossom and Plant
    Scientific NameArtemisia dracunculus
    Application Method Bath, Compress, Topical

  • For centuries, Tarragon has been used as a culinary herb. Therapeutically, Tarragon’s sweet, spicy aroma is known as a strong anti-spasmodic used in treating dyspepsia, flatulence, hiccoughs, intestinal spasms and nervous indigestion. It also is said to stimulate a sluggish digestion. Tarragon Oil can be helpful for menstrual pain and to regulate periods.


  • Absent menstruation, painful menstruation: Sitz Bath, Hip Bath, Aromatic Bath.

    Flatulence, intestinal spasms, nervous indigestion, sluggish digestion: Topical Application, Compress.


    Safety Precautions

    Non-irritant, non-sensitizing. Avoid during pregnancy. Not available in California due to methyl chavicol content.

  • Traditional Uses

    Tarragon was first introduced into Spain by the conquering Moors and called “Estragon,” which is derived from the Arabic word '”tharkhoum,” and the Latin word “dracunculus,” meaning “little dragon.” At one time it was used to treat snake and other venomous bites. Tarragon was enjoyed by the maharajas of India as a tisane, and in Persia it was used to stimulate the appetite. In the garden, tarragon is considered a good companion plant, as its scent and taste are known to repel bugs and insects. 

     About the Plant

    Tarragon is a perennial herb, growing up to 4 feet high. It has smooth, narrow leaves, an erect stem and small, yellowy-green, inconspicuous flowers. Tarragon Essential Oil is steam-distilled from the whole tarragon plant.



  • Methyl chavicol has been shown to be cancerous in mice experiments. For this reason tarragon is banned in California. However, very high dosages were used, and the immune system of mice is quite dissimilar to that of humans. We believe that this effect would not be replicated in experiments on rats, whose immune system is much more similar to that of humans. Furthermore, isolated methyl chavicol was used in the mice experiments and not the whole essential oil. Therefore, we consider Tarragon Essential Oil to be safe in appropriate dosages.

  • Scent:  Sweet-anisic, spicy.

    Blends With:  Basil, Pine, Vanilla.  

    Fragrance Note:  Top to middle.

    Composition:  Methyl chavicol, capillene, ocimene, nerol, phellandrene, thujone, cineol.

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