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  • Bitter Orange Essential Oil: An antiseptic often used in skin care because of softening/regenerating properties, it is said to uplift moods and relieve stress.
    Farming MethodConventionally Farmed
    Country of OriginDominican Republic
    Plant PartPeel
    Scientific NameCitrus aur. bigarade
    Application Method Diffusion

  • Bitter Orange essential oil is cold-pressed from the peel of a tree cultivated in Asia and the Americas. The aroma is a cross between Sweet Orange and Grapefruit essential oils. It is antiseptic and is used for colds. It is also used in skin care products because of its skin softening and regenerating properties. It is said to help uplift moods and relieve stress. Used with spicy aromas, it will cheer a wintry room.

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