Petitgrain Bigarade Essential Oil

Citrus Bigaradia, Petitgrain Paraguay

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  • Petitgrain Bigarade Essential Oil is energizing yet balancing. It calms the nervous system, reduces anxiety and lifts spirits. It is beneficial for digestive complaints and is a lovely tonic for the skin.
    Farming MethodConventionally Farmed
    Country of OriginParaguay
    Plant PartLeaf
    Scientific NameCitrus aur. bigarade
    Application Method Bath, Diffusion, Topical

  • Slightly floral and fresh, Petitgrain Essential Oil is like a wonderful, supportive companion during harder times. Derived from the same tree as Bitter Orange and Neroli Essential Oils, Petitgrain Oil has a slightly woody undertone with a bright, fresh, floral and citrusy top note. It uplifts the mood during hard times, calms the mind when anxious and soothes the nervous system when one is tired or full of stress.

    Below is a list of benefits that Petitgrain Essential Oil provides, by category:

    Digestive system: Dyspepsia, digestive complaints, flatulence.

    Respiratory system: Asthma

    Nervous system: Nervous exhaustion, stress-related conditions, depression, insomnia.

    Skin care: Acne, skin blemishes, excessively oily skin/hair, excessive perspiration.

  • Digestive complaints such as flatulence and indigestion: Topical Application, Aromatic Bath.

    Stress, nervous exhaustion: Diffusion, Topical Application, Aromatic Bath.

    Insomnia: Aromatic Bath, Diffusion, Topical Application.

    Depression: Diffusion, Topical Application, Aromatic Bath.

    Acne, skin blemishes, oily skin or hair, excessive perspiration: Topical Application

    Asthma: Diffusion

    Safety Precautions

    Petitgrain Bigarade is nontoxic, non-phototoxic, non-sensitizing and non-irritant. However, be cautious in the sun after applying the oil, as it can cause some discoloration.

  • Traditional Uses

    Petitgrain was transported to Paraguay in the 18th century by Spanish Jesuits and has been a common ingredient in eaux de cologne, perfumes and soaps ever since.

    About the Plant

    Petitgrain Essential Oil is distilled from the twigs and leaves of the evergreen bitter orange tree. The name “petitgrain” comes from the French words “petit grains,” meaning “little seeds,” because centuries ago Petitgrain was distilled from the tiny, unripe green oranges. Neroli Essential Oil comes from the same tree as Petitgrain, but instead of using the leaves and twigs, Neroli is distilled from the fragrant orange blossoms. Note: The name petitgrain can also refer to essential oils distilled from the leaves of lemon, bergamot and mandarine, so check the full name.

    Native to southern China and northeastern India, it now grows in tropical and semitropical areas such as Italy, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, West Africa and Paraguay.



  • Petitgrain is sometimes called “the poor man’s Neroli,” being distilled from the leaves of the same tree that provides the blossoms used to distill Neroli. In my opinion, Petitgrain deserves that label only if it has a pleasant floral note to it. Amrita searched for a long time to find a real, pleasant, sweet, floral Petitgrain oil. Amrita’s Petitgrain is never close to Neroli, but it does carry some of Neroli’s pleasantness.

  • Scent:  Petitgrain Essential Oil has a fresh, citrus, energizing and floral scent.

    Blends With:  

    Benzoin, Bergamot, Bitter Orange, Clary Sage, Clove, Geranium, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang.

    Fragrance Note:  Top.

    Composition:  Linalyl acetate, geranyl acetate, linalool, nerol, terpineol, geraniol, nerolidol, farnesol, limonene.

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