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This Mother's Day, pamper yourself with the gift of aromatherapy! Whether you are looking to maintain your femininity, celebrate motherhood, or simply give yourself a little extra TLC, there is an essential oil blend for every woman. Each bundle offers a unique collection of therapeutic oils that can help restore balance and enhance moods.* Let the power of these botanical wonders lift your spirits this springtime holiday.

Unlock Your Feminine Power with Amrita's Rose Products! This bundle is the go-to solution for women facing challenges in today's fast-paced world. Expertly designed for female physiology, this bundle includes three of Amrita's favorite Rose products, including Rose Hydrosol, Rose Facial Crème, and Rose Perfume, along with two additional favorites - Ecstatic Body for Women Tri-Essence and A Woman's Balance Roll-On Relief.* With these amazing ready-to-use products, you'll maintain your femininity, feel balanced, and radiate beauty.* Trust us, Rose has never been more special!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

This bundle is a solution for the many challenges found in today’s busy, chaotic world, this bundle helps women of all ages to be strong, balanced, and beautiful. This bundle really goes deep into how special Rose can be to women and how Amrita specializes in products for the female physiology. Included in this bundle are three of Amrita’s favorite Rose products and two of Amrita’s favorite products for women:

    • Organic Rose Hydrosol
    • Rose Facial Crème
    • Organic Rose Perfume
    • Ecstatic Body for Women Tri-Essence
    • Organic A Woman’s Balance Roll-On Relief

The amazing benefits of these ready to use products will help you Maintain Your Femininity!

Achieving and maintaining a strong, balanced, and beautiful feminine identity can be challenging in today's fast-paced and chaotic world. However, Amrita has the perfect solution for you! "Maintain Your Femininity" bundle is designed to empower women of all ages to embrace and celebrate their femininity with great grace and ease.*

These ready-made products, curated and developed by Amrita, will definitely help you maintain your feminine aura.* Discover the amazing benefits of these products and achieve the ultimate vision of a healthy, nourished, and radiant feminine identity.*

Rose Hydrosol:

Many times hydrosols are used in creating body products, room and linen mists. Hydrosols are gentle enough to be used directly on the skin and can be used on children and pets. There are many uses for this magnificent gift from nature!

How to Use a Hydrosol: Apply with a cotton ball to the face and neck for a gentle cleanse. You can spray a hydrosol directly on the skin or area of concern. May also use a hydrosol sparingly as a body or linen spray.

Rose Facial Crème:

With fingertips, gently pat and spread a hazelnut-sized amount on face after morning and evening cleansing, with a particularly light touch around the delicate eye area. Note: this crème can be used anywhere on your body.

Rose Perfume:

Apply to pulse points, behind ears, behind knee and elbow joints and along frontal line. (The frontal line runs from the heart area upwards and downwards. It extends from the front of the neck to below the abdomen, parallel to the spine.)

Ecstatic Body for Women:

Each and every ingredient in this Tri-Essence® Power Blend is famous for its revitalizing effects on a woman’s body, mind, and spirit.* Shake well before adding 20-40 drops to a small amount of water. Use 2-3 times per day or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

A Woman's Balance Roll-On Relief:

A Woman's Balance blend helps ease hormonal imbalances and menstrual symptoms.* When you feel imbalanced or have symptoms, take a moment to sit, close your eyes and focus your attention on where the symptoms are manifesting in your body.* After you become aware of where the discomfort is located, generously roll A Woman's Balance directly on those areas.

Apply to the pulse points and temples as well, and to the abdomen for cramps. A Woman's Balance is designed to deliver relief directly to the areas where it is needed.* You will feel relief quickly, and the wonderful scent of aromatic oils will magnify the effect.* This process helps you create body awareness.* You will develop a better relationship with your body, and your body will then work in harmony with your mind.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Discover the power of femininity with our expertly crafted bundle, designed to help women of all ages thrive in today's hectic world. Our unique selection of products, featuring the beauty-enhancing properties of Rose and Amrita's specialized formulas for women's health, will leave you feeling strong, balanced, and beautiful. Enjoy three of our best-selling Rose products (Rose Hydrosol, Rose Facial Crème, and Rose Perfume) as well as two of our favorite products for women (Ecstatic Body for Women Tri-Essence and A Woman's Balance Roll-On Relief), all perfectly curated for your ultimate benefit. Don't let the chaos of modern life get the best of you - Maintain Your Femininity with our exceptional bundle today.

Rose Hydrosol:

Rose Organic Hydrosol is steam distilled from the flowers of the Rosa plant that produces Rose Otto Essential Oil. Hydrosols may smell different when comparing them to the essential oil of the same plant due to this process. The water-soluble compounds of the plant are used to create a gentle, fragrant, healing liquid. These exquisite floral waters embody all the subtle benefits of the precious essential oils. Rose Hydrosol helps bring a sense of well-being and peace to your mind, body, and spirit.*

Rose Facial Crème:

A good facial moisturizer is one of the most important investments you can make in maintaining youthful-looking skin. Rose Facial Creme for Normal Skin is a daily moisturizing treatment that achieves both short- and long-term beautification.*

As you enjoy the creamy texture and euphoric scent of roses, Rose Facial Creme for Normal Skin delivers the nutrients to make your skin cells happy.* The results will be immediately evident through your skin's plumped, hydrated radiance.*

Rose Perfume:

When used as a perfume Rose can help support faith, trust, and compassion.* It can help  reduce the impact of negative emotions such as grief, anger, fear, and jealousy.* It may also reduce symptoms of depression, PMS, and PTSD.*

Rose Organic Perfume helps to heal past trauma and to develop powerful qualities of the heart.* This helps you to be more present, open, and receptive to others without fear.* If you have become aloof and over-protective of yourself, Rose can help reduce your fears of being hurt by others.*

Ecstatic Body for Women:

Ecstatic Body for Women is a formulation of potent substances renowned for their ability to enhance passion, sensuality, and physical strength in the female body.* Every bottle of Ecstatic Body for Women is loaded with treasures from the plant kingdom. This powerful blend enlivens the female physiology.*

The essential oils in this Tri-Essence® Power Blend operate on a subtler level, the realm of mind and emotions.* The sweet and soothingly herbal scent of Clary Sage is considered the number one oil for women.* Clary Sage helps balance hormones, which increases sensual desire in addition to smoothing out any reproductive system discomfort.* Another unique feature of Clary Sage is that it is mildly euphoric, and some people experience this to be quite pleasant.*

A Woman's Balance Roll-On Relief:

The essential oils in A Woman's Balance Roll-On Relief® are: Bergamot, Rose Geranium, Clary Sage, and Roman Chamomile. Therapeutically, each one of the essential oils in A Woman's Balance is a true star in its own right. Each one has an incredibly beautiful, comforting scent. And together, they create a synergy that is startlingly effective at stopping uncomfortable symptoms.

Prepare to be surprised at what this little Roll-On can do. Within minutes of applying to the abdomen, not only do menstrual cramps melt away, but a total feeling of comfort surrounds you like a warm, nurturing embrace in a mother's arms.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Amrita has included the following products with this bundle:

    • 120mL of Organic Rose Hydrosol
    • 30mL of Rose Facial Creme
    • 5mL of Organic Rose Perfume
    • 30mL of Ecstatic Body for Women
    • 30mL of Organic A Woman's Balance Roll-On Relief


General Safety Precautions:

  • Use essential oils only in diluted form on the skin and never internally.
  • Always be careful when using essential oils with children.
    • Consult a qualified aromatherapy expert before using with children.
  • Also, use essential oils with care and only under the proper guidance of an expert while pregnant or if you have liver damage, epilepsy, cancer, or other serious health problems.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.