Tri-Essence® Power Blends

Tri-Essence® Power Blends

What Are Tri-Essence® Power Blends?

Tri-Essence® Power Blends are pure botanical synergies. This line consists of fourteen ingestible and four topical formulas. Each was carefully crafted by Dr. Christoph Streicher and Dr. Lilli Botchis.

Dr. Lilli Botchis is a researcher, teacher, and health consultant specializing in the therapeutic use of herbs and flower essences. Dr. Botchis is one of the pioneers in the blending of herbal extracts, essential oils, and flower essences due to her education in Health and Human Services and in Herbology.

Dr. Christoph Streicher studied with well-known Indian Ayurvedic physicians, learning the time-tested therapeutic use of essential oils for increasing vitality and balance. Dr. Streicher's mentor in aromatherapy is Jacques Paltz of France, a world-renowned authority in the internal use of essential oils for health and healing.

Together, with over 30 years knowledge and experience, Dr. Streicher and Dr. Botchis were the perfect pair to create this revolutionary formulation that delivers the most potent plant remedies on the planet!


    Three Dimensions of Healing

    Three dimensions of healing

    Amrita's Tri-Essence® formulas combine three of the most powerful herbal dimensions: herbal extracts, essential oils, and flower essences. Together they form a botanical hologram for health.Each of the components in every Tri-Essence® Power Blend formula has its own way of interacting with the body, mind, and spirit offering a balanced wholeness only nature can provide.The unique 3-in-1 formulation delivers the most potent plant remedies on the planet. The synergistic formulas use three healing dimensions:     • Herbal extracts: to heal your body     • Essential oils: to balance your mind and emotions     • Flower essences: to nurture your spirit

    Three Dimensions: In-Depth Example

    Three Dimensions: In-Depth Example

    Blissful Balance helps create a centered calm, even amidst the stresses of our daily lives. Its formula includes lavender in the three different modalities--herbal extract, essential oil, and flower essence. Lavender has been used for healing throughout the ages and is known as "first aid in a bottle." It has slightly different healing effects in each of the three forms:

         As an herbal extract: Lavender calms and relieves tension in the head and neck while balancing a high-strung nervous system.

         As an essential oil: Lavender is pain-relieving, calming, and balancing the mind and emotions. It also helps the nervous system to function well, even when under stress.

         As a flower essence: Lavender soothes an overactive mind and gives a fresh perspective.

    In addition to Lavender, Blissful Balance includes herbal extracts of Passionflower to calm nerves and Gotu Kola to help regenerate the nervous system. To complete this aromatic blend, essential oils of Neroli and Cistus, which help to regulate the autonomic nervous system, were added.


    Key Ingredients

    Key ingredients

    • Highly potent concentration of 1:1 (herb to extraction liquid) ratio blends.
    • Certified organic and ecologically wild-crafted herbs.
    • Extracts prepared fresh from harvest when active compounds are most available, then lab-tested to assure optimal quality, consistency, and freedom from contamination.
    • Powerful synergy of three botanical applications:
         • Highly concentrated herbal extracts: mainly support the structure and function of the body.
         • Pure, unadulterated essential oils: responsible for enhancing the therapeutic receptivity of the mind to body connection.
         • Individually prepared flower essences: support healing shifts in individual consciousness.


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