Spruce Essential Oil, Hemlock

Spruce, Eastern Hemlock, Common Hemlock.

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  • Hemlock Spruce Essential Oil has an opening effect on the mind, body and spirit. This invigorating oil is distilled from the needles and twigs of the hemlock tree and has many varied uses in aromatherapy.
    Farming MethodWildcrafted
    Country of OriginCanada
    Plant PartNeedle
    Scientific NameTsuga canadensis
    Application Method Bath, Compress, Diffusion, Inhalation, Topical

  • Working with the bright and freeing scent of Hemlock Spruce Essential Oil is a joy. It has many therapeutic uses. It is known to uplift the emotions and relieve muscle aches and joint pain, as well as help with chronic fatigue, poor circulation and respiratory weakness. When used along with Sweet Eucalyptus Oil, it can assist in warding off colds and flu. Spruce’s refreshing aroma can help open and release emotional blocks, bringing about an experience of balance, strength and peaceful security.

    Since the effects of using Hemlock Spruce Essential Oil are both calming and elevating, it is an excellent choice for yoga and meditative use. Spruce also has long been enjoyed in the sauna and steam bath. Although Hemlock Spruce is not a true spruce, the therapeutic effects are similar to true (Black) Spruce, and the aroma is actually more pleasant.


  • Anxiety, depression, stress-related conditions, fatigue: Diffusion, Whole Body Massage, Aromatic Bath.

    Infections: Diffusion, Direct Inhalation.

    Muscular aches and pains, poor circulation, rheumatism: Topical Application, Compress, Whole Body Massage, Aromatic Bath.

    Asthma, bronchitis, colds, coughs, flu, respiratory weakness: Direct Inhalation, Steam Inhalation (except in the case of asthma).


    Safety Precautions

    Nontoxic, non-irritant, non-sensitizing.

  • Traditional Uses

    Traditionally, the inner bark of the Hemlock tree has been used in Native American folk medicine to increase perspiration and treat colds and fevers.

     About the Plant

    Hemlock is a tall conifer tree, similar to spruce and often called spruce, but botanically it is a different sub-family. Hemlock can grow up to 150 feet high; it has slender, horizontal branches, finely toothed leaves and smallish brown cones. Its estimated life span is 1,200 years. 



  • Conifers culture the subtle aspects of breathing, also called Prana. The Ayurvedic subdoshas Prana Vata and Udana Vata are seated in the chest and have ascending energy.  If they are blocked, chronic fatigue may be experienced. If they function properly, mental functions are at their best. 

    This quality of the conifers makes them very useful for meditation. Their essential oils are recommended in this order: Balsam Fir, Hemlock Spruce, Spruce, pines.


  • Scent:  Pleasing, fresh-balsamic, sweet-fruity.

    Blends With:  Benzoin, Cedar, Clary Sage, Lavandin, Lavender, Pine, Rosemary.

    Fragrance Note:  Middle.

    Composition:  Pinene, limonene, iso-bornyl acetate, tricyclene, phellandrene, myrcrene.

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    GC Analysis Documents for Hemlock Spruce

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