Ultimate Flu Fighter Organic Kit


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Certified Organic

Utilizes highly potent essential oils that boost your immune system. Contains robust anti-viral and disinfectant properties. Aids in alleviating respiratory symptoms, colds, flus and sore throats.

The ultimate flu fighter kit with Organic Thyme thujanol, Organic Bay Laurel, and Organic Niaouli.

Organic Thyme thujanol:

This is the one essential oil that is most effective against viruses and at the same time mild enough for internal administration. For your convenience it is diluted in organic olive oil.

Direction for use:

Take 8 - 9 drops three times daily under the tongue. Leave under the tongue as long as possible, then swallow. This is the most important part of the regimen. Continue this until symptoms have subsided, but not longer than 10 days.

Warning: Never do this with any other thyme, like white or red thyme, they are too aggressive.

Organic Bay Laurel:

For your convenience, it is already diluted in organic sunflower oil.

Direction for use:

Massage over the lymph nodes at least twice daily.

Organic Niaouli:

Like eucalyptus, it is a mucus clearing oil. But in addition it supports the immune response.

Direction for use:

Use in diffuser or inhale from bowl with hot water, 10 drops per application.

Organic Thyme Thujanol:

Gentle and mild, with the therapeutic benefit of the more aggressive Thymes. It is a potent anti-viral that boosts the immune system. It helps to relieve respiratory symptoms, colds, flus, and sore throats. It is also certified organic and is a known disinfectant.

Certified Organic Bay Laurel:

This is a potent essential oil helpful for removing mucus from respiratory channels and strengthening immunity. It's antiseptic and mucus-clearing effects make it a practical oil to have on hand for colds and congestion.

Certified Organic Niaouli:

This essential oil contains the infection-fighting properties of Tea Tree and Eucalyptus. Organic Niaouli is known to help alleviate bronchitis, catarrh, congestion, coughs, sinusitis, asthma, and sore throat.