Anxiety Essential Oils for Dogs

Anxiety Essential Oils for Dogs

Apr 21st 2021

Posted by Amrita Aromatherapy

Renee H. Asks:

Is Anxiety Free safe to use on dogs? I work in rescue an come across many anxious dogs.

Dr. Streicher Answers:

Dear Renee,

Animals have extremely sensitive noses, in particular dogs. We should be very careful using essential oils for dogs. EOs can be very effective with animals but you can also throw them off easily.

Do not put Anxiety Free on dogs' bodies. Use in a diffuser and start with very small amounts and see how the animal responds. You can also put a drop on your hand first and let them smell it and see how they react.

Best Wishes,

Christoph Streicher, Ph.D.

Original Published: 2015-02-05 / Last Modified: 2021-10-11