by Annalisa Fredrickson

Spring cleaning with essential oils recipes

It’s that time of year! Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and temperatures are rising. This is a perfect time for spring-cleaning your home. Clear away dust and clutter, donate things you don’t need, and start the warm months off with a clean slate. But, before leaving your computer or phone to clean, think for a minute, what kind of cleaners are you using? Cleaning with chemicals exposes you and your family to toxins that can be harmful to you and your family’s health.

This year, maybe it’s time to try something new? Making your own cleaning supplies with essential oils and common household items is an inexpensive, sustainable way to keep your home clean and fresh smelling. Essential oils are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and are all-around super cleaners! You might be thinking that making your own cleaning supplies will be time consuming or expensive, but it is quite the opposite. These recipes don’t require a lot of ingredients, just some essential oils, spray bottles, and a few common household ingredients. Wear gloves so the oils don’t cause irritations.

Happy cleaning!

Tile Floor Cleaner:

10 drops tea tree essential oil
10 drops lemon essential oil  (or another citrus essential oil)
1 cup white vinegar
2 cups water

Use this to mop tile floors. Don’t use on a wood floor.

Tub and Tile:

4 T Baking soda
3 T Salt
10 drops lemon essential oil (or another citrus essential oil)
5 drops bergamot essential oil
10 drops citronella essential oil

Mix together. Sprinkle on tub and tile and scrub.


1/3 cup baking soda
5 drops tea tree essential oil
5 drops peppermint essential oil
¼ cup white vinegar.

First add the baking soda and essential oils to the toilet bowl. Then pour in the vinegar. Scrub as the mixture fizzles.

Window Cleaner: 

10 drops lemongrass essential oil
3 T white vinegar
2 cups water

Add to a spray bottle, shake and spray on glass. Use newspaper for a streak free clean.

All Purpose Disinfectant:

15 drops of thyme essential oil
15 drops of  lemon essential oil  (or another citrus essential oil)
1 ½ cups of water
1 cup white vinegar

Pour into a spray bottle and use as a disinfectant to wipe hard surfaces such as in the kitchen and bathroom.

Wooden Cutting Board:

Add 5 drops of  lemon essential oil to ¼ cup of salt and scrub the board.


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