New products - rosewood essential oil and gingergrass essential oil










New Products Spotlight!

Amrita is excited to announce the arrival of two new products, Rosewood and Organic Gingergrass essential oils.


Rosewood essential oil is treasured by many people due to its uplifting, calming and heart warming qualities and its rejuvenating skin properties. Make sure you only buy it from sustainable sources.

From Dr. Christoph Streicher, founder of Amrita Aromatherapy:

"Rosewood oil has become very rare.  Most of what is on the market has been extended with synthetic linalool and the natural part is commonly not harvested in a sustainable way.
I had been searching for the last few years for a sustainable source of rosewood oil. Only a few weeks back I found a distiller in Peru who has started a reforestation project with rosewood. The project is largely financed by the sale of the essential oil. No trees are cut, only branches and twigs. We are trying to help her by marketing her oil. The price is fairly high because she pays fair wages to her workers to build a community around this project. The oil will be certified organic by next year."

Learn more about Rosewood here.

Organic Gingergrass

Gingergrass essential oil is an all-around sunny day. It improves the mood, calms the mind, increases concentration and warms the heart. This a great oil to carry around with you everywhere you go!

From Dr. Christoph Streicher:

"Gingergrass is a welcome, much better priced, substitute for Rosewood Essential Oil. Both contain mainly linalool, which is largely responsible for the therapeutic effect of both oils. Since there is currently no organic rosewood on the market, Gingergrass may be used in any formulation where organic Rosewood is required."

Learn more about Organic Gingergrass here.


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