Product Spotlight: Lime

Product Spotlight: Lime

Nov 20th 2023

Posted by Dr. Christoph Streicher and Linda J.

“Put de lime in the coconut, then you feel better! Put de lime in the coconut and call me in the morning.” Limes, immortalized in Harry Nilsson’s famous song, have always been good for us! Lime Essential Oil from Amrita is steam distilled and sourced from the citrus groves of Sri Lanka (Organic) and Mexico (Conventional). Beautiful, colorful limes, like all citrus fruits, give a sense of health and abundance.* So, it makes perfect sense that Lime in its distilled form would have several health benefits. Let’s look at how Lime can help you!

Why Lime is good for you? And why do you need it in your life?

Lime Oil contains a terpene called (you guessed it!) limonene. Limonene has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, which can slow down the aging process, reducing the skin oxidation that causes wrinkles and blemishes.* All citrus oils contain an amount of limonene, most of the them have more than LimeLime Essential Oil support healthy digestion, repels insects and gives a sense of health and optimism.* These properties come mainly from the aldehydes: neral and geranial.

The Lime Tree gets its name from its leaves, which resemble those of the Orange Tree. Its oval-shaped leaves, paired with yellowish white flowers tinged with a hint of purple, add to its charm. Citrus aurantifolia is thought to be a tri-hybrid intergeneric cross, involving three different parental species, including citron, pummelo, and a Micro-citrus species. Citrusy and sweet, Lime Essential Oil has been known to offer relief with its uplifting scent while adding a delightful fragrance to any environment.* Its plethora of benefits range from being antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and decongestant, while also helping keep emotions in check.* Lime Essential Oil is an absolute must for any household regardless of whether you're already familiar with the wonders of aromatherapy or are just getting started!


A Brief History of Limes

British Navy sailors were called “limeys” because their ship’s doctors knew, back in the 16th century, that these potent citrus fruits prevented scurvy.* This disease was caused by a lack of dietary vitamin C, primarily affecting sailors on long sea voyages, as well as soldiers and pilgrims. The Lime was one of the earliest fruits introduced into other parts of the world by humans: traders transplanted them from the Indonesia and India, establishing them in Mediterranean region by AD 1000. Key Limes, Persian Limes, Makrut Limes, yummy, colorful, exotic – essential to our health, so naturally a favorite since the beginning of the civilized world!

In California in the late 19th century, "Mexican" Limes were more highly valued than Lemons; however, in Florida, they were generally considered weeds. Then, in 1894–95, the Great Freeze destroyed the Florida Lemon groves, and farmers replanted Mexican Limes instead; they soon became known as the Florida Key Lime, a "beloved regional crop". But when the 1926 Miami hurricane ripped them up, they were replanted with the hardier, thornless Persian Limes. In the 1950s, a public relations effort successfully renewed interest in Lime, leading nurseries to propagate it for sale. This may be the reason why the common English name is still used today.

How to put Lime into your self-care routine

Lime Essential Oil gives a delicious sense of uplift and positive energy.* In addition to the anti-oxidant properties found in the limonene compound, the aroma of Lime cleanses the air and the oil can purify the skin.* Here’s how you can add Lime Essential Oil to your self-care recipes:

  • Overall Topical Application: 3-5% dilution
    • Lime Essential Oil has many benefits. Applied topically, it can reduce toxins in the skin and give a boost of well-being.* You’ll feel like you stepped into a tropical citrus grove when you diffuse Lime in your home or office. The sharp, fruity fragrance of Lime Essential Oil will refresh you, waking you up from the blahs, giving a splash of extra energy!* Add 15-25 drops of Lime Oil blended with a Jojoba (or of course, Coconut) carrier oil and you may feel like dancing beneath the stars on a warm summer evening!
  • Whole Body Massage Application: up to 2-3% dilution
    • Experience the incredible benefits of Lime in a whole-body massage application. With a dilution of up to 2-3%, the cheery properties of this much-loved oil can cleanse, detox, and relieve melancholy.* Ready to try this magical oil for yourself? Blend Lime with a carrier oil for a massage that not only relaxes you but also enhances your perspective on life!*
Click here for conventional Lime     Click here for organic Lime

  • Aromatic Bath Application: up to 2% dilution
    • Imagine you are floating in a sea of limes! By adding a 2% dilution (no more than 10 drops) to your tub, your stress-reducing bath in this essential oil becomes a joyous dance in a citrus grove.* Not only does Lime Oil help deter airborne infections, but it has a mild sedative quality, too.* For an extra luxurious and aromatic experience, mix a maximum of 10 drops of Lime with Epsom bath salts or your preferred emulsifier such as honey, bath gel, or milk.*
  • Diffusion / Inhalation Application: add a few drops to a Nebulizer or Nasal Inhaler
    • Diffusion and Inhalation are charming ways to enjoy Lime Essential Oil. Just a few drops in a nebulizing diffuser and you will absorb the clean, fresh essence of Lime. Not only does it open airways and relieve anxiety and stress, Lime can also amplify mental alertness.* Soothing to your mood during life’s daily struggles, Lime Essential Oil counteracts symptoms of sadness.* You can’t be downhearted with the aroma of Lime wafting through your pores!*

Need ideas on what to blend with Lime?

Perhaps more than other scents, Lime reminds us of summer and simple joys.* You could try a delightful blend of LimeSweet Orange, and Ylang Ylang, or a lively blend of LimeRosemary, and Ginger. For gentle relaxation, try LimeRose Geranium, and Vanilla.* These blends will treat your senses to a refreshing splash of renewed energy and optimism!*

To escape into a profusion of positivity, take a walk through a citrus orchard with a blend of LimeBergamot, and Neroli.* For an exotic experience perfect for a summer evening, try LimeLemongrass, and Citronella.* To dance the night away, breathe in LimeHoly Basil, and Clary Sage. All of these blends will give you a sense of optimism, renewed purpose and health!*

Here are some DIY recipes for you to try in your nebulizer:


Final thoughts from the Amrita Experts

Lime Essential Oil has a long therapeutic history due to its healing properties, but most of all it just makes people feel good: positive, alert and ready to enjoy life more.* Lime inspires us to exhale, relax and release our cares.* Add a splash of Lime to your apothecary soon!

Happy Blending!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.