This or That: Woman's Balance

This or That: Woman's Balance

May 11th 2023

Posted by Dr. Christoph Streicher and Linda J.

Looking to soothe your feminine soul? BergamotRose GeraniumClary Sage, and Roman Chamomile are the essential oils to keep in mind for this! Amrita offers a special blend of these oils in a synergy blend that you can diffuse, use topically, or enjoy in a most delightful full body massage. You can also carry this magical blend with you in roll-on form, ideal for when you’re traveling, for monthly discomfort, or for everyday stress relief.*

Ginger Rogers would be an amazing example of womanly balance. She commented back in the 1930s, when she formed the female half of a beloved dancing duo with Fred Astaire: “Everything he did, I did backwards, in high heels.” She made it look easy and graceful, the way women do all over the world and in all walks of life.

Supporting women’s worldly skills means nurturing more tender areas of femininity. When we want to go charging out into battle, we should first take a moment: to watch a tulip bloom open, smile at our loved one, or breathe in the geraniums in the garden. On some days, preparation for the world may mean a triple cappuccino and a snort of Rose Geranium or Bergamot, oils designed to fortify our spirits. At the end of the day’s campaign, we can relax and laugh with the scent of sensual Clary Sage, and calm our energy with the flowers of Roman Chamomile.

Every goddess needs a garden to replenish her spirit, and Amrita’s A Woman’s Balance, either as a Synergy Blend or as a Roll-On Relief, gives you just that! Let take a look into the pros of each of these products.

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What makes A Woman’s Balance Roll-On Relief beyond amazing for your health?

When you choose Amrita’s A Woman’s Balance as a Roll-On, you will apply the blend of these oils in a unique and delicate lotion base, designed to absorb into the skin without feeling greasy or oily.

A Woman’s Blend Roll-On Relief is meant to be applied liberally, and the large-size application ball helps make this happen. Applying A Woman’s Blend this way means you are getting these essential oils, in a pure carrier oil. And, as with roller ball perfume application, there is no need for alcohol (the oils are preserved in the emulsifier / carrier oil mix).

Roll-On application is simple, so you can focus on the area of your body that needs attention.* You can spread the scent of therapeutic oils of Organic oils of Clary SageBergamotRoman Chamomile, and Rose Geranium directly onto your wrists and temples, behind your ears and / or along your frontal line (the area from your throat to your lower abdomen). It also helps to apply A Woman’s Balance blend to areas where you are experiencing pain or discomfort.* Cramps and muscle spasms melt away, and your sense of calm is restored. *

When you apply this blend topically to your body, you not only bring more tranquility to yourself, but to those around you as well.* Your family will also experience a healing whiff of these subtle yet powerful essential oils.* Most of all, they will appreciate that you can now make it through your moon cycle without needing to seriously smack them around!

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Let’s take a look at A Woman’s Balance Synergy Blend

When you select A Woman’s Balance as a Synergy Blend, you are going for the gusto – the direct experience of these pure, synergistic essential oils, ready for you to use as you choose. You can order small or large amounts and blend them with a carrier oil, perhaps with Amrita’s Organic Rosehip or Apricot Kernel Carrier Oil, whatever you choose.

When you dilute A Woman’s Balance in a carrier oil, you have created a long, lingering massage oil that is perfect for a warm, lazy afternoon. In order to maintain the wellsprings of womanly energy, we know that you can make this happen!*

You can also use A Woman’s Balance Synergy Blend in one of Amrita’s Professional Nebulizing Room Diffusers. This is a way to invite others to experience the therapeutic benefits of this healing blend.* A Woman’s Balance is so effective you may want to share this enjoyable natural solution with friends. Many of us find this synergy blend essential for our demanding lives.*

Amrita suggests that you start small with A Woman’s Balance: keep a 10mL bottle on hand for emergencies. Close your eyes, take one deep breath from the magic vial, and you are off on a nasal vacation!

Final Thoughts from Amrita’s Experts

Emotional equanimity is key for a woman’s balance and joy in life.* When that delicate metric is off or out of kilter, many of us suffer greatly. A Woman’s Balance, whether in a Roll-On Relief or a Synergy Blend, can help keep the blue meanies at bay.* Overall, this blend was designed to make our experience as woman in the modern world easier, opening our often-vexed hearts to higher states of peace.* Amrita invites you to feel comforted and renewed by our Woman’s Balance blends!*

Happy Blending!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.