Lemon Essential Oil

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Country of Origin
Latin Binomial
Citrus limonum
Other Names
Citrus Limon
Plant Part

Lemon essential oil is full of energy, sparkle and optimism. One of the more popular essential oils, it is a superb immune booster, cold and flu fighter, disinfectant for the home and spirit lifter.

  • Stimulates alertness & concentration
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Detoxifying

Lemon Essential Oil is full of energy, sparkle & optimism.

As one of the more popular essential oils, it is a superb immune booster, cold & flu fighter, disinfectant for the home & spirit lifter.

For Whole Body Massage, use essential oil up to 2% maximum in any carrier oil; 2% is approximately 1 teaspoon (5ml) of essential oil per 1 cup (250ml) of carrier oil, or about 10 drops essential oil to a tablespoon (15 ml) of carrier oil.

Air purifier: Diffusion

Lack of concentration, fatigue or clear thinking: Diffusion, Aromatic Bath.

Colds, flus, throat infections: Diffusion (diffusing also will kill airborne viruses to help reduce the spread of the flu), Whole Body Massage.

Disinfectant for home: Add to cleaning products Insect bites: Topical Application

Circulatory problems: Whole Body Massage

Hemorrhoids: Topical Application

Poor digestion: Body Massage, massage on stomach and abdomen.

Too much acid in the body: Whole Body Massage

Rheumatism, gout, arthritis: Whole Body Massage or local Topical Application

Excess body fat, cellulite, varicose veins: Topical Application, Aromatic Bath, Whole Body Massage.

Skin problems such as oily skin, acne, eczema, itchy skin, abscesses or boils: Topical Application or add to skin care product

Asthma: Direct Inhalation from a diffuser, Topical Application.

Heartburn: Topical Application, massage over chest and throat

Safety Precautions

Nontoxic. May cause dermal irritation or sensitization reactions in some individuals. Use in moderation. Phototoxic: Do not use on skin exposed to direct sunlight.

As soon as you take a whiff of Lemon Essential Oil, it awakens your senses with its bright, cheerful, sweet, garden-fresh scent. Compared to a high-toned whistle, its “high vibration” scent is the epitome of alertness and optimism. While most people think of lemonade and lemon-scented dish soap, Lemon Oil has been used for centuries as an amazing healing oil for the body, mind and spirit.

Below is a list of benefits that Lemon Essential Oil provides, by category:

Circulatory system: Blood viscosity, plaque in arteries, high cholesterol, broken capillaries, hemorrhoids, nosebleeds, weak digestion.

Immune system: Colds, flu, bronchitis, asthma, weak immunity, disinfectant.

Lymphatic system: Cellulite, excess fat, helps to detoxify the lymph system.

Nervous system: Mental fatigue, low spirits, indecision.

Skin care: Oily skin, eczema, acne.

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